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Readers Respond: What Do You Feed Your Dog and Why?

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Choosing a dog food can be overwhelming - should you buy premium or opt for natural/holistic food? Does brand really matter? Should you go raw? What about rotating diets? What formula is best? All of these questions can lead you to just give up and choose randomly - but you shouldn't. If you have found the right diet (or combination of diets) for your dog, tell others how you came to the conclusion, and how it's working out for your dog. If you are looking for answers, check out what others had to say here. Then come back and tell us how it went.

Get VitaHound for your dog!

My dog has been on the VitaHound daily supplement for several months now and I have noticed a difference. There has been a big improvement in his itching and shedding, he even smells better :) Looks like it really is helping out his digestive system and I highly recommend it.

Wellness Simple Solutions

My French Bulldog has skin allergies, so we feed him Wellness Simple food--made for dogs with allergies. The line contains only 5 ingredients and a unique protein (we buy the duck version) to help eliminate all the unnecessary ingredients that he's sensitive to.
—Guest Frenchie fan


I add hydrated veggies and Call of the Wild powder and mix it all up (not chicken,turky and meat). i change the protein every couple of days. She is also substituted with Taste of the Wild Roasted Fowl food (great ingredients).
—Guest Chihuahua Diet

Dog w/ heath probs and Geratiric Dog

Fed both dogs Natural Balance, an ok food until... Our "always starving" Cocker ate something toxic, became ill and was diagnosed w/ liver disease, bad thyroid, and impending death. The vet suggested Purina Kidney Diet - garbage, SUGAR is an ingredient! I began making Dr Dodd's liver diet from SpoiledMaltese.com. After 2 months on liver diet, surprised vets declared Cocker's liver trouble over, just thyroid now. She is well enough to switch to the 16 yr old Eskie's (now better) diet. Acana fish or prairie mixed w/ home made. Acana is super quality but too rich for our older pets. I cook and freeze monthly batches of quality fruits and veggies (plus juicing leftovers) and some brn rice. Used nutrient ratios I found on internet. Few supplements. Mixing is cheaper and easier than full home made. Dogs have always been kept trim, seems easier on this diet. Seeing both dogs so healthy has made the Vets believers. Energy is fine too, Grandpa Eskie still demands his daily walk.
—Guest skeptigal

other results

I rescued a border collie 13 years ago. I too followed the heard and fed him what I thought was good food. He had itching & hot spots. I was baffled! I took him to the vet, he lived in the house. I followed my vets instruction! On my own I discovered all the expensive "cures" had alternatives. My grocery store brands foods were doing nothing for my handsome boy. I started reading the bags. Dogs are meat eaters! Not corn! 1st ingredient should be meat! I switched to ProPlan. This has changed him..hair shinny, eyes sparkle! He sheds less, full of energy! At 13 you would not know it. I have a 14 year old Aussie too, he was 10 when I got him. His food was whatever the local Co-Op carried. This is not quality food! It shows. I thought the better food would help and it has with his skin and coat. He is showing his age, but I believe that he is still here because of the better quality food! Everyone should read, find what is best for your pet. Like people, one size does not fit all.

Dog Supplements are Key

I have owned several dogs over the past 30 years. The dogs where all feed various dog food brands and all lived typical canine life spans. About 4 years ago I began using supplements to improve my 2 labs health and stamina, I have used both Dynovite and VitaHound and now that my dogs are approaching 12 and 13 years of age I can definitely tell the supplements have substantially improved their health. In the past my 12 year old dogs where living the last year of their lives usually lying around all day. Although my senior dogs take it slow they haven't needed extensive vet visits and I hope they are as healthy as they look.

I researched many dog foods

after a friend explained he only feeds raw foods. I was leary but did learn how the canine digestive system works and why raw is best. I also interviewed many breeders and dog show people that also feed raw and the most common other product recommended was Blue Buffalo Wilderness. I switched my puppy immediately and wow what a difference in her behavior and coat. I also recently rescued an abandoned puppy that was severly malnurished and within 2 weeks he looked amazing and now has a fabulous coat. I also add in salmon, mackerel, ground chuck, chicken, fresh vegetables and their favorite is frozen green beans. Please research everything you can so that you have a long and healthy living pet.
—Guest Frances

Nature's Variety

I use to feed Innova and Calif.Natural but switched to Prairie and Instinct and can't believe the great change in coats,mood and allergies. Wow I'm sold on this food and tried so many and great for picky eaters
—Guest Chris

Watch Your Labels!

I currently feed Innova's EVO - Red Meat, Small Bites. Issa is thriving magnificiently on the food, and I am grateful for it. However, to anyone feeding Innova, Innova's EVO, California Natural, or any other pet food manufactured by Natura Manufacturing... Please be aware that Natura sold their plants and formulas to Proctor & Gamble, who produces very low quality dog food. Save your dog food labels! Compare each new bag's ingredients to the old bag. If you notice a change in ingredients, or in content, switch to another premium food. Wellness CORE, Before Grain, Orijen, Arcana, and other grain-free, meat based foods exist. Don't let your dog suffer because Natura sold out! Be vigilant about your dog's food, and your dog will reward you with many years of healthy companionship.
—Guest Mae

Red Moon

Try Red Moon for another holistic, custom food. My pug has many, many allergies and I'm able to customize the formula to her needs.
—Guest donnalaurie

What do I feed my dogs

I have been feeding my dogs (5) Innova for many years. Innova makes their own food and none of the ingredients are from China ( read poison), However I am now concerned because Innova just sold out to Proctor and Gamble. Who knows what cost saving garbage they will put in the food now.

wellness and holistic select

I feed my two little ones wellnessand Holistic select I learn about all the clab they put in these dog foods and it's scary. I want my dogs to live along time. my last two had heart dease and dibetis.
—Guest jo anne tausch

Getting a food for Three dogs!

When I got our Bichon, I didn't realize that she could or did have food allergies. I found out the hard way. The vet who diagnosed her gave me a recipe for a potato based dog food that I could make, like I'm really "Suzy Homemaker!" Then, my son rescued a Rott mix and he is fine. His next rescue was a Dobie mix and she has a food allergy too. Now we have three dogs, two with food allergies and I'm still not going to cook. We did find a name brand food that all happen to like, and they can tolerate it. The bonus is that it is good for them and very nutritious. It worked out, but we had a time finding the right food with the right qualities for all 3 dogs and we got so lucky!
—Guest Lady Ilea

Caring owner and MoM

Prescise food is developed for the health of dogs and my two Bostons love it and have no skin issues. Their coats are like glass.

Homemade diet

I have been making my dog food for ten years and I have two labs. One is fifteen and the other is thirteen. The fifteen year old lab looks beautiful but has some arthritis. I massage her legs with peanut oil once or twice a week which helps her. The other lab is thirteen years old and looks like six and has the energy of a six year old dog. I only cook good quality meat for my dogs like turkey, and fresh organic fish which I catch during a fish run in the spring. I also give them lean hamburger meat. For carbs I give them cook rice or potatoes and include semi cook vegetables and raw fruit. I sometime put ground flax into their food. I sometime add extra virgin olive oil in their food. I read a great deal of material on nutrition and apply the knowledge I have learn to make a proper diet for my dogs. I am a paramedic in Northern Ontario and have some time to do research when I don't go on a call. One more thing - I never feed any pork to my dogs at all.
—Guest Andree in Northern Ontario
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