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Readers Respond: What Do You Feed Your Dog and Why?

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Biologically appropriate raw food (BARF)

Our Ridgeback Georgie eats a raw food diet. once a month I roughly mix up (so it's not the same in every container )a big bucket of 75 % mixed raw meat and organ meat, 20% veggies, a little fruit, apple cider vinegar, ground seed (chia and flax) Kelp, oat bran and about 5% quinoa grain cooked with pumpkin. I package it in 750 gram containers and freeze it. We feed one container with her bones or chicken frames and necks once a day. Three times a week Georgie has fish along with the meat. Sounds like a lot of trouble, but it's not. We sorted out our first kibble fed Ridgeback's health problems with this diet and Georgie has been on it since birth.
—Guest Kathy Evans

Persnickety Endo

Endo, my Chihuahua/Terrier’s shiny coat/ clear urine/ and bowels are attributed to his diet. According to The Dog Ate It: Foods for You & Your Four Legged Friend, "One should never skimp on their pet’s food." A high protein/low glycemic diet is best for dogs. I’m creative when preparing his meals and have his dislikes/likes posted on the frig. His menu includes: filtered water, organic meats, vegetables (raw/sautéed) except for pork (must be fully cooked), fruits, herbs, barley, sweet potato (baked/skinned), salt/sugar free peanut butter w/o added oil, plain low-fat yogurt, and olive oil. Brewer’s Yeast acts as a flea repellent and is full of minerals, herbs freshen his breath, and the marrowbone is for his teeth. Always monitor when he’s eating a bone. One bone if devoured is 1,500 calories. I divide Endo’s meals into A.M. /P.M w/one snack. Last, pets should only eat from ceramic, stainless steel, and glass bowls. His favorite pet food that I keep on hand is Halo Spot’s Stew (dry).

Food for a picky eater

My two-year-old German shepherd is an extremely picky eater. As a pup she was on Eucanuba Large Breed but was reluctant to eat, often skipping meals. She had diarrhea and vomiting more often than expected. I tried many other brands and finally came upon Blue Buffalo Wilderness, which is an excellent, high quality, preservative-free dog food. She absolutely loves it! It's been a few months now and she still hasn't tired of this food. I do supplement with a bit of wet food with the kibble and will add fish oil, brewers yeast, and bone meal, and/or yogurt, eggs, meat, or cottage cheese from time to time. Occasionally she'll get a marrow beef bone. She will not eat fruits, vegetables or grains unless they are pureed in her food. Very picky eater, this one! For training, I use freeze-dried liver treats. She's a fit, energetic athlete, beautiful and blissful!
—Guest janiesny

Itchy Hound the Fault of Her Food

One of our labs has severe allergies. We experimented with all type of expensive dog foods claiming their ingredients would improve their coat and lessen irritation, with little or no success. We then switched to Costco’s Kirkland brand, based on the reputation of the manufacture of the Kirkland brand, Diamond Pet Foods. Diamonds bran ingredients are actually high in protein were as almost all the other manufactures bran are only fillers and have almost no nutritional value. Similar to another comment on this post we supplemented up to half of the serving with raw ground meet and various vegetables. Our Lab, Holly, has almost stopped itching completely.

Artemis Dog Food

8 dogs, 5 cats, dog daycare & boarding have fed Artemis since 2003 and would feed nothing else. Frequently rated top five natural/holistic foods and my dogs/cats' coats show it. Extra skin and coat conditioners added after food processing. Omegas added after processing to enable quantifying. Veggies folded in canned food after processing to ensure integrity.
—Guest SFerry


I fed our cats Science Diet because the vet recommended it - he must have been getting a kickback. It wasn't until a friend told me about the ingredients and I was shocked! Don't get fooled by the name - it's garbage! Innova & EVO made my cats' coats beautiful. When we adopted our adult Border collie, he had gas and bad breath until we changed his diet by transitioning him to Innova/EVO mix. He loved it and no more gastric problems, less poop and no soft stool! He lived to be 16 1/2 and active until the end. My new Malti-poo rescue is on Natura but I'm looking for better even though he's doing well. I want a more human grade diet for his well being and the better the diet the fewer vet bills you will pay!!!

I work in the pet food industry. . .

. . . and let me tell you, the stuff most vets recommend is the worst thing you could be feeding your dog. Science Diet? GARBAGE. I feed Fromm, Acana, Orijen, and Go! I have a dog with food allergies. Before I knew any better I was feeding grocery store kibble and did not understand why my dog's coat was greasy and stinky, and why he was constantly scratching, itching, bleeding, had hot spots and had gas. Within a week of switching to a hypo-allergenic (fish), high quality formula, guess what? He stopped stinking, stopped farting, stopped itching. Please do your research and question your vet. Unless s/he is holistic, chances are s/he knows diddly squat about proper nutrition. Do your research and think for yourself.
—Guest jockanddaisy

Holistic all the way!

I feed Fromm Adult Gold to my 10 year old dog and I feed their feline formula to my two cats. Excellent balanced nutrition for whole health and it's a little cheaper than Wellness.
—Guest Animalia


I first started feeding my smaller dog Beneful until I realized he was itching like he had fleas. After a trip to the vet and some observing, I took a look at the back of his feed and noticed that I was feeding him nothing but grain. He is a good part coyote and knew that those dogs in the wild would never walk out into a field and start munching on grain-feed. I did my research and started feeding Solid Gold, low carbs, no grain and high protein. Next thing you know, he's an optimal pooper, he stopped scratching and his coat looked incredible. Well, even though I switched him to a great food, I did some more research and realized that some of the binders in Solid Gold were junk-food. I finally switched over to Orijen Six Fish and it has been the best thing I've done for him, and my other two dogs. Upgrade, upgrade, research, research! I do not feed grains whatsoever anymore.
—Guest Qati

what do I feed my dog?

I feed my dog VibraPet, it is a complete frozen human grade natural food and my dogs who are really picky just love it
—Guest karu

What do I feed my Dogs

I feed my guys Holistic Blue Buffalo and whilst it took time for them to get used to it; they adjusted pretty well and I have to say that their coats are starting to look great! It might be a little more expensive but totally worth it!!
—Guest Lisa Bruning

I feed my dog Natural Balance because

About two years ago my vet diagnosed my dogs problem of itchiness and hair loss around the eyes as a symptom of allergies. Now my dog is on allergy shots twice a month. Because of this I was instructed to change her dog food. Now I feed her Natural Balance fish and sweet potato variety. She seems to really like it. She also gets a half an apple once a day. Her meals are portioned controlled. My dog is a working dog so she must stay at a good working weight. She is a guide dog.

feeding my dogs

Since the poisoned food killed their older brother I went back to fixing a homemade meatloaf each wk. Veggies, egg, meat, oatmeal, apple. My vet gave me recipes as she is Holistic. She just wants to know what time is dinner.
—Guest Daisie


I rescued Brooklyn two years ago, she had numerous allergies, parasites and dermatitis. I tried every diet on the market I finally choose Eagle Pak Holistic supplemented with 1 tblsp of food grade Diatameceous Earth added to her food daily. After a few months she is the perfect picture of health with amazing skin, eyes and coat.
—Guest Jacquelyn Locklear

Not Sure Anymore

I have been feeding my dog a higher end kibble and raw meat blend of heart and muscle meat. My dog doesn't seem to like the more expensive kibble (Evo, Canidae,Natural Balance) and so it sits for a long time. It also doesn't seem to be making her coat healthier or any other of the indicators. The raw meat seems to be the most beneficial but I don't trust that all the vitamins are there so that's why I have fed her kibble. Since the economy has suffered and my household has a loss of income I have been considering getting a cheaper kibble. I have seen people have dogs for 12-18years feeding cheaper kibbles and I wonder sometimes. I am hoping to get hints and tips from other posters.
—Guest Lisa G.
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