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Readers Respond: Do You Let Your Dog on the Bed, Couch or Other Furniture?

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Should you let your dog sleep in the bed with you? What about snuggle-time on the couch? The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Some believe that allowing dogs on the furniture can make them think they are in charge of the whole family. Others see no problem with sharing furniture with the family dog and consider it bonding. There may be no solution to this debate, but it probably just comes down to your dog's personality and your own personal preference.

Where do you stand on the issue? Do you banish the dog from your bed or cuddle up together? Share your opinions, experience and advice here.

Of course!

We have a vizsla and anyone who has one knows they are the intimate Velcro dog! He follows us everywhere and snuggles in nice and close when given the chance. He knows that in our house he is allowed on the furniture but at other peoples places if not asked up he knows to remain on the floor. Of course they are sneaky, but he is good most times. He will start off the night in his bed, but always ends up in the bed for some snuggle time. He never lays on the under covers and is always either at our feet or right in the middle between us. SO warm!!
—Guest Cheapside


Because dogs shed waaaay to much and they smell:(!
—Guest Nowayhosay

Yes Yes Yes

They have the right to be on a sofa. They are family.
—Guest Tristan

yep- and a baby, too!

I have 3 dogs- one 117#, one 65#, and one 35#. I also have a little girl- 13 months. We all manage to find comfortable sleeping arangements- and no one is prohibited from the bed. ( I have a queen size mattress.) The bed's against the wall, my baby sleeps in the middle, and I sleep on the far side. Everyone else falls into place as they see fit. The only trouble arises when one of the dogs accidentaly steps on the 35#er- she insists on being under the covers where they can't always see her, and mildly objects to being trodden on. I'm a single mom and couldn't ask for a better feeling of security than sleeping with all of my "babies"-especially the ones who bark and have teeth!. BTW- also a very meticulous housekeeper-vacuum and dust every day and don't resent it a bit. The rewards of living with faithful, loving animals far outweigh anything else. People who don't have dogs are missing out!
—Guest raftergurl

Dog Hair

My son has a long black haired shedding dog that leaves hair everywhere. When they come to our home, there is hair everywhere; in the food, woven in the bedding, piles on the carpet & furniture & just floating in the air & on the ceramic tile. The dog has no odor, has a very shiny healthy fur coat, & is well cared for. They also feed her very healthy dog food. The fur weaves it's way into everything & there is no way to even wash it out of the bedding. They sleep with their dog & I cannot possibly believe that sleeping with a dog can be healthy. They have to be breathing in the dog hair, & when having sex my daughter-in-law must be getting dog hair in her internal body parts. By a miracle she was able to conceive one child; that child has obvious allergies. I have to put up with the cleaning mess & it is impossible to get rid of the hair/fur! Even in our winter home where the dog has never been, there is hair floating around. I am an immaculate house keeper! Whats good about it


my dog is like my baby, and he does more than a fish in a bowl. I let him on the furniture, and he does shed but I don't mind cleaning it...and I want him to be comfortable and welcomed in my house, and I don't like to yell at him.
—Guest Me


I think thats what part of having a companion is for. My kelpie puppy comes up to my bed and sleeps at the end. He has great manners, like when he has the hiccups or doesn't feel well he gets off. He sleeps perfectly fine in his bed but doesn't come up unless I invite him. He likes getting up on the bed while I am making it which can be a pain but he doesn't do that very often. We let him on the couch though not in one particular spot. He is allowed on both beds but one of them (mum and dads bed) he doen't go up until 4:30am at the earliest. So, yes they should be allowed up but only if they will obey you when oyu tell them 'off' or if they don't snore....haha.
—Guest Kelps

Dog and wife in bed

I let both sleep in bed with me.The dog sleeps at the bottom of the bed facing the door.(poodle) the other 2 dogs sleep on the floor facing the door.Excellent protection and best friends.......
—Guest arnold

#2 to Brenda

I have 2 brothers in law who are doctors. They agree also that they have never seen anyone made sick by a dog, save for a bite that needs stitches. (This, usually by a dog who has been pestered to death by a very ignorant human being).

Reply to "Brenda"

You might 'think' that, but you would definitely be wrong! Both my dog and my cat sleep on the (my) bed, on the furniture, (the cat evens sleeps in the bathroom sink. I am over 50, born and raised on a farm. My house is clean enough, as are my animals. Funny, but I have yet to wind up in the ER with any kind of infectious disease or infestation. (According to YOU, I should be long dead by now). Furthermore, NONE of my guests have ever taken sick from my animals or myself. Truth be known, none of us even get sick! I am the only one who defecates in the house, unless it's Winter; at which time the litter box comes out for the cat. I promise you will also never smell 'cat' either, unless you wish to go play in it... ...Which is where those that hate our dedicated and well behaved fur~beings belong. Have a nice day.
—Guest PSput

Dachies make hreat bed partners.

It was amazing how Duchess had great bed behavior. She knew how and when to move without ever being crushed. Warm in winter.
—Guest Kenn Lemons

Mama T

Yes i do. I have a rat terrier that goes everywhere i go... she is a rescue & has had a very hard life. she has come out of her shell a great deal n the corse of the time we have had her... she sleeps with me, & where ever i am, she is right there.
—Guest Mama T

Yes, I do let my dogs on the bed, etc.

I have 2 little Chihuahuas. I got them to be my companion dogs and that's how I treat them. They sleep with me at night (my husband doesn't mind) and they sit with me on the couch during the day. That's why I got small dogs, and that's their purpose in my life is to keep me calm and feeling good. I have bipolar disorder and they are a great help to me as I deal with this illness. Dogs can be great healers.


I always ley my 3 cihihiuas on the bed and couch, They deserve to be where we are, We are all a part of the same family,
—Guest LIZ B


Firstly my dog is clean and so is my house.. When we first got our dog we tried to make her sleep in her dog bed but she is such a snuggler that she sits or sleeps wherever we do...She is our furry freind.
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