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Readers Respond: Best Dog Breeds for People With Allergies

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Short Haired Chihuahua

I have trouble with dog saliva. If a dog such as a Lab licks me, I will break out. I have a short haired Chihuahua and he doesn't bother me at all.
—Guest TNMom

Carin terriers

I have horrible allergies. I have 2 cairns and no itchiness.
—Guest Charlsjr

Non allergic puppy dog

I have a Australian Labradoodle. No allergies. Great, great & very smart puppy (she's 7 mos. old)
—Guest mahamalea

And What About Non-AKC Breeds?!

I'm a disabled person with a certified service dog who is an Australian Labradoodle & they're 100% hypoallergenic!
—Guest zatorskijoan

Dog Allergies

I am allergic to animals but have worked in a stables, helped at an animal shelter and owned dogs all my life. I have bred Miniature Poodles and owned Basenji's and Smooth Collies. When I sell puppies I always tell people that a lot of times allergies come from the dander not the hair. Keep you dogs clean, with allergies you may have to bath animals once a month. Also I use either Johnson's Baby Shampoo or whatever shampoo I use on my own hair, as I know I'm not allergic to it, but can be to some animal shampoos. This has worked for over 16 years, and a family that bought one of my Poodles who's son had asthma and allergies said he never reacted to the dog when they followed these steps.
—Guest Sheila Michalek

News Flash...Coton de Tulear!

The Royal Dog of Madagascar, no dander, flees do not even procreate on their body, cute, unpretentious, smart, fabulous personalities; in Europe they are called the anti-depression dog. Low maintenence, laid back, just need love, love and more love!
—Guest Cheryl Ghezzi Moses


I've had two Bichons, they are the happiest little dogs ever, and GREAT with kids. Just start brushing them when they are very young so they learn to like it...otherwise their coat gets very matty
—Guest Devin

miniature schnauzer

I'd go with the m. schnauzer and regular grooming/baths. No sheds and beautiful coats loyal and smart dogs, be prepared to take on family member.
—Guest rhonda03

cesky terrier

I have very bad allergies but with the terriers (most don't shed)I don't have any problems. We have 2 cesky terriers and I have NO problems with my allergies.

Lhasa Poo is great for allergy sufferers

Since my youngest son suffers from allergies horribly, we had to do research and really search for a dog carefully for him. We found this adorable LHASA POO puppy that is now 3 years old. My son has never had any problems with his allergies since we have owned her. And aside from Lhasa Poos being hypoallergenic, they are such fun, loving and smart dogs that are very devoted and eager to please as well as easy to train. We love our LHASA POO and would never trade her for the world. I highly recommend this breed to anyone -- with or without allergies!!
—Guest PooLover

Soft Coat Wheaton Terrier

I am allergic to dogs and have a SCWT. I have had no allergy symptoms nor am I allergic to her saliva. It's been great.


I have terrible allergies but we have 2 schnoodles, half schnauzer, half poodle, non-shedding and I have not had any problems with them. They do shed a little when their hair gets too long. They have great personalities and are very energetic and affectionate dogs.
—Guest Marie

dog allergies

I am allergic to dogs but can never consider living without one. My favorite dog was one I was allergic to. When she touched my skin, I would get a rash immediately. I had them throughout her 15 year life. I now have a chihuahua and he seems fine. No rashes or difficulty breathing. I was all right with the dog I had before the chihuahua, too, a Yorkie.
—Guest fmarmor

Minature Schnauzers

No hair shedding at all and the dander is minimal because I have no allergic reaction to her like I do when I touch other dogs! We keep her clean and groomed and there's no problem. They are very smart and very loyal - but they are terriers so she has trouble controlling her barking!
—Guest Lisa


We have adopted 2 retired racing Greyhounds & while we do not personally suffer allergies we have a # of friends who have allergies & were OK with Greyhounds. It might work for you look into it.
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