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Readers Respond: What Toxins Has Your Dog Gotten Into?

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From the article: Toxins and Your Dog
Dogs will be dogs, and that means most of them like to explore with their noses and mouths. Unfortunately, there are many toxins, poisons and other hazards out there that have harmed dogs. Sadly, many dogs do not survive. Others have been fortunate to survive. Share your stories about close calls and emergency situations so that others may learn. You might save a dog's life!

Our poor little Star

Our little 4 month old pup Star got into my plate of Thanksgiving stuffing. The next day she quit eating and drinking. The stuffing contains onions! Until now I had no idea of food poisoning in dogs. Now she's gone & now we're smarter.
—Guest Joe

My dog JD ate 7 packs of cigarettes

When My dog JD was a 3 month old puppy he got into a carton of cigarettes that had 7 packs still left in it ... The carton was up high on the fridge but I'm guessing my cats knocked it down when they jumped up there... I came home to my puppy not feeling so good and all that was left of the packs of cigarettes were a little bit of tabacco on the rug... which meant the puppy at the cigarettes, filters, and cardboard and plastic!!!! I was sure he was going to die from Nicotine Posioning but he was just sick for a day or so and had the runs ... I still have him, he's 11 yrs old now. He's one Lucky Dog !
—Guest ravencassidy

Xylitol highly dangerouse

I came home to find my dog, Cody, collapsed on the floor barely alive. Thermamints turned out to be the culprit--due to the ingredient Xylitol that is highly toxic to dogs. Xylitol is in many breath mints, toothpaste, even sugar free jello. Cody didn't make it---the liver damage was too severe. This just happen so the story is too painful to share---but the message, I am hoping will save someone's pet's life. Breath mints for God's sake.


My Chihauhau mix Susie , 8 years old died August 11, 2011. The first night she was vomiting alot but she had plenty of energy. The second day she became lathargic and stopped eating, she was drinking alot of water but couldn't keep it down. I took her to the vet and he said it could be alot of things. In less than thirty minutes he done a x ray and had the penny out of her. Pennys contain Zinc that is toxic. they put her on an IV and kept her overnight. I went to see her and it didn't look good. I talked and held her for an hour. Apparently she died when I walked out the door. Her kidneys shut down. It would be a rare event for my dog to get a penny. It is still hard for me to understand why she would swallow a penny. I did read that Zoos have a problem especially where they have pools of water. People like to throw change in water. I would think small children would swallow coins. Why make something toxic in the first place? My dog was my best friend.
—Guest james


At a potluck one night, when our dog was new to us, she licked a plate that had about a tablespoon of guacamole on it. She went beserk, frothing, barking, running in circles, trying to bite everyone, etc. It only lasted 15 minutes, but we couldn't get close to her during that time.
—Guest Sandy

Bailey's bottle

Our siberian Husky managed to get into a half gallon bottle of Baileys cream alcohol [we had just opened it, for 1 shot] . We dont know how he got the bottle open, tipped over, empty- and not one drop on the rug.... When we got home he was asleep on our couch. We thought he was a gonner. He couldnt look at us or walk on all fours. We thought we would leave him asleep. we stayed up waiting for him to pass. Come noon he got up and drank tons of water. He staggered during his walk. Went back to sleep for 4 more hours. Then got up and ate, drank and chased the cat. He was fine.. We were so happy, but put all alcohol away. But when the Bailey's comes out, he's right there.. We were lucky. by noon he was drinking water like it was gravy.
—Guest Baileys alcohol


I didn't realize that grapes are toxic to dogs until I made a huge mistake by feeding them to my dog when she begged for them. The next morning she had this miserable look on her face and she was shivering. I knew something was wrong but I wasnt sure what it was. I rushed her to the vet and as I was in the office I noticed the poster on the wall with the foods that are toxic to dogs and grapes was one of them. I felt horrible! I almost killed my best friend by giving into her begging and feedng her my grapes. My baby spent 3 days at the vet and my pocket book suffered a $1000 loss which was so worth saving my best friends life! Grapes are bad, man...
—Guest Katyk

My crazy, chocolate eating dog.

I had a diabetic dog named Hank. On valentines day he got into all of the chocolate he wound up having bloodsugar of 500 for about four days but he didn't have anything wrong with him when he ate the chocolate. But sadly he died a month later from natural causes. Still DONT LET YOUR DOG EAT CHOCOLATE!
—Guest Natalie C.


Grapes are controversial. I gave my first two lhasa apsos a grape every now and then and they both lived 15 years. With two new dogs now, I once again asked my vet about grapes just a few months ago and he said they were okay as long as I don't give them lots.

Coffee Grounds

I didn't know that coffee was toxic to dog. My husband got a Keureg coffee maker for Christmas and the dog ate the K Cups, he vomited so we thought he would be ok, 2 hours later he started having seizures and almost died. he spent two days at the vet's office and he is still having seizures.
—Guest kitkatpaz


My doggie died on March 10, 2011 because she ate a penny. She was lethargic Tuesday evening so I took her to the vet on Wednesday morning and they thought she injured her back. She later that day started vomitting and urinated blood in the evening so the following morning I took her back to the vet. They kept her most of the day and was giving her fluids so when I got off work I went to go check on her. They took an XRAY and say she had a round object in her stomach so I agreed for her to have surgery to remove it because after all she was like my baby girl. She came out of surgery and seemed fine so I stayed an hour with her because shewas gonna have to stay the night. I left and picked upmy husban and son and brought them by the vet to tell her goodnight before the vet closed and she passed away in my arms 15 minutes later. The round object that the vet removed was a PENNY!!!! They are toxic and poisons the animal severly. Why dont they warm about pennies?????????????
—Guest Vanessa

Just a gimmick to sell dog food

I guess I'm just old fashioned. We lived on a farm for years, the dogs age ONLY table scraps! Which included stuff that had onions, and garlic etc. Likewise our dogs ate grapes ( loved em ) and never had any problems. My dad fed his dog snickers for YEARS and the dog only wanted more, never got sick. So Fiddlesticks to all this. It's just a gimmick to sell expensive dog food!
—Guest Kenny in Florida

Labrador ate chocolate chip cookies

I have a yellow lab that once got up onto the kitchen counter and ate 24 chocolate chip cookies, that had a pound and a half semi sweet chocolate in them. Franticly I called the vet and was told to give hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. He drank that and gave only a small belch. That was it! He didn't have any after effects.
—Guest Canuck

Mmmm chocolate

One night while out with my boyfriend, my 100 lb Siberian Husky got into my chewable vitamin C, I had recently bought it so there was probably at least 90 tablets in there, 500mg each. Well, he ate a good amount, only left like 5 in there. Also got into movie-theater sized boxes of candies; Sour Patch Kids, Boston Baked Beans, and Milk Duds!! He ate ALL OF THEM! All these items were on a really tall table against the wall, no idea how he reached them! He also went through the trash! When we came home from our dinner, we smelled a horrible smell, and discovered that our dog had diarrhea-ed all over a rug in the hallway. We threw out the rug and let him outside in case he needed to poo some more. He never threw up, and was totally fine the next day. This was like two years ago and he's still with us, happy and healthy!
—Guest Fudgeylicious

No more corn at our house.

Our Shih-tzu Maltese Pomeranian started vomiting uncontrollably. Everything he ate or drank he threw up. Vet X-rayed him and gave him IV fluids. They sent him home with an electrolyte solution that I had to give to him every 15 minutes over night. He continued to vomit so went to the pet hospital and they used a scope to look in his stomach and found a corn cob. Corn cobs rarely show up on X-Ray and can not be digested by dogs. They couldn't get it out with the scope so had to do open surgery. 3 days/nights at the pet hospital and $4500 later we have a fixed dog. No more corn at our house.
—Guest cornhater

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