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Readers Respond: Do You Support or Oppose Procedures Like Ear Cropping and Tail Docking?

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I raise and show miniature pinschers. Some people like to give "practical" reasons to cut off tails and ears. It does not serve any practical purpose, and is done for purely cosmetic reasons. Most show people say that they dock/crop because if they don't, their dog won't win. Hopefully the show world will start to allow people who choose not to amputate their dog's body parts to be able to show on a level-playing field. Puppies should not have to suffer amputations in order to be a show dog! Love the dog for the way it was born :-)


I support the both procedures. Modern vet medicine can control any pain or discomfort associated with any of these procedures.
—Guest dogcrazy

Support Dock and Crop

I support the practice of tail docking and ear cropping. In many breeds it has had historical means and now it has be customary to see the animals in this mannner. I relate tail docking to circumcision in young male humans. Most men whan asked if they were scarred emotionally for life over their circumcision, they will think you are nots. I believe the same true for docked dogs. Cropping when done by a trained vet, is a humane and easy procedure. The small amount of time the dog is spent in after care, and the slight discomfort it may have does not out weigh the pain and suffering the endure for haveing their nails trimmed for the rest of their life. I have seen many edogs with their nails curling around their toes qnd walking with MUCH more pain than a cropped dog has endured. Is it not more cruel to neglect the dogs basic care? The AR's are working far too hard to eliminate animal ownership in our world, and picking on the docked and cropped breeds is just a start.

Keep the cropping and docking

Most docks and dewclaw removal have no problems with proper after care. Ear cropping when done properly by a vet at 3 to 5 months heals quickly if properly cared for. The ears normally stand after a couple of weeks of posting. Most of the problems listed here come from pet breeders trying to make money on breeding dogs and doing the docks and crops themselves. Buy from a responsible breeder who uses a good vet. I do not crop ears on pups that are pets (not show dogs).
—Guest PB

Not natural

For the people who say dogs are born as nature intended, nature did not create dogs, people did. I support the right of owners to decide what is best for their dogs. The government has do place deciding issues of veterinary care and animal husbandry.
—Guest Linda

Docking & Cropping

I support docking and cropping of the dogs that have been docked and cropped for years and years period.
—Guest Debbie


I think it is ridiculous when any person or organization can tell you what you can or can not do with your dog!!! If this were banned in the US what's next?? People need to spend their time on more important issues such as child abuse/neglect and other crimes. I do and will always be in SUPPORT for tail docking, dew claw removal AND ear cropping. Who wants to see a Doberman with long ears and a whip for a tail?? NOT ME!! The docking procedure is NOT harmful to the puppy and neither is ear cropping. My breed is cropped and I have never had an issue in 17 years. My puppies heal fine and with no problems and its not painful like uneducated people try to tell you. I would not do it if I thought it hurt my dogs or affected them negatively in any way. Say YES to ear cropping, tail docking & dew claw removal. If we can't crop & dock then why should people be allowed to pierce kids ears or circumsize baby boys? Its the same thing!
—Guest SayYEStodockingcropping


These two unnecessary procedures have been banned in the UK for a while now. I don't see any dogs having complexes over having tails and floppy ears. It's only humans who have this problem, which is a form of racism -- dog with cropped ears, good, dog without, bad; dog with tail, bad; dog without tail, good. How on earth did we get to this point -- spending money on cosmetic surgery on dogs so they conform to our own bizarre image of what the descendant of the wolf should look like? That money could be so much better spent on spaying and neutering so we don't kill 5 million adoptable, healthy pets a year in shelters. Give me a Heinz-57 from a shelter any day -- it's so exciting -- you never know what you'll end up with! My rescued dog is so handsome, he literally stops traffic, and he has blue ribbons for obedience. He has floppy ears and a tail like a plume from a cavalier's hat. Have you ever seen an undocked cattle dog? What a magnificent tail! Shame on those who cut it.
—Guest Christine Watt


Ear cropping and tail docking are two very different things. We raise Rottweilers and we crop tails by using little green rubber rings, they cut of the circulation and the tail just dies and falls off. It is not painful nor inhumane. And it is done at birth, so avoid them ever knowing what happened. Ear cropping is different because they usually do it at puppy stage, when they could potentially remember, and it's much more painful. Also, there is a purpose to docking most dog's tails, because they are long and whip-like. Cropping of ears has no use and IS a cosmetic thing. I will continue to crop my dogs' tails, but I will never crop their ears. There is a line I will not cross.
—Guest atomic

Leave the tails alone

I have a Cocker Spaniel that our family bought from a breeder and when I found out about the barbaric way the tails are chopped off, often without anesthesia, I was appalled. I love my Cocker Spaniel, but disapprove of the pain that they must have suffered as a newborn. I would love her the same amount if her tail was long! Stop this atrocity of tail docking!
—Guest Guest Janis

tail docking etc.

Certain breeds, like schnauzers would look stupid without this done. This has been done since this breed began and if done when a pup,it does not effect them. We pierce children's ears.....when have we gone. I have and will continue to have schnauzers and will dock TAILS...IT's the standard on them. Ears are either way. If you show the dog, it matters, if not you do not have to cut the ears. That's all. Oh yes don't forget we microchip our pets too what about that! There are so many things we all do and do not do. Leave well enough alone!
—Guest gale

Docking and Cropping

I can see tail docking and dew claw removal if a dog is used actively for hunting or guard work. Am not a fan of ear cropping because if a dog is receiving good care their ears should usually be free of infection/mites/etc. In extreme infection cases - maybe. I think any of such surgery should be done within a week or two of birth.
—Guest Jim Moore

Absolutely no cutting off body parts

I would like to see how many people would sign up to have half of THEIR ears removed and other body parts sliced, chopped, or skinned? Oh wait, we call it circumcision, but that's ok because babies don't have any choice either. Why must European countries be so much farther ahead of the US in taking a stand against harmful cutting and interference in the way we come into this world? The Carpenters' song had it right - Bless the beasts and the children, for in this world they have no choice, they have no voice.
—Guest brosolowski

Docking and Cropping

With dogs actively used as hunting and/or guard dogs I think tail docking is alright as it probably does provide some health benefit, especially for dogs with longer hair. I think dew claw removal is a good health decision for any dog. I've seen dogs with torn dew claws and they were in some real pain and substantially debilitated until the dew claw was removed and had healed. With both tail docking and dew claw removal I am adamant that it be done "at birth" or within days thereof. Ear cropping is another story. I know ear-mite and ear-infection are common problems among dogs with "turned-down" ears and to see a dog suffering from that is terrible. But reasonable care of the dog's ears can prevent almost all such problems or catch them early enough to clear them up quickly. So ear cropping, to me, is a thumbs down.
—Guest Jim Moore

Tail Docking is Necessary in some Breeds

As an owner and breeder of terriers. I think it is necessary to dock their tails. If they are working dogs, they can get their tails easily broken. This in a mature dog is far more painful than docking a tail at 3 days old when cartilege is soft. As for cropping ears, I am against that. Ears were originally cropped for gladiator dogs (bull baiting, fighting, etc.). Since these activities are illegal, there is no reason to continue cropping.
—Guest Cricket
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