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Readers Respond: Best and Worst Dog Names

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From the article: Naming Your Dog or Puppy
Thousands of dogs names exist, some better than others. Some dog names are cute and unique, other dog names are downright terrible. Readers share the best and worst dog names they have ever heard. What dog names do you think are the best and worst?


My recently deceased dog was named Ezekiel from the Bible. I purposely picked that meaning "strong". For short we called him Zeke. I miss you Zeke. Be strong!

best dog name

tanner Whiskey and winston are awesome names for dogs. tanner the mutt is my current and first inside dog, Whiskey(also a mutt) was a strictly outside dog and Winston was my dads lab mix that was dognapped before i was born
—Guest Guest lizzie

Great dog names

Culloden is my present dog (Scots - look it up. Finlaggan (call name Finn) will be my next, and Bruichladdich (call name Laddie) lives with a friend.
—Guest ileach

awesome name or what?

i know a dog that died in 2009 called king leonidas awesome name or what?P.S. it is my dog so do not laugh at it!
—Guest anonymous 3000

Worst & Best Dog Names

I once met someone whose minituare Schnauzer was called, Principessa Consuela Bansardiheyla & she shouted that whole name when calling her dog. I thought she had at least 4 dogs with her, so when I seen only one I asked its name & true enough it was called Principessa Consuela Bansardiheyla. By the way it was a male dog. Terrible name, slightly crazy lady owner methinks. My own dog is called Ruby & she is a wee gem in my life.
—Guest Ali


Hey! I know the best name for a dog! My name! Budderball! You can't argue with that name!
—Guest Buddies

best names for dogs

My three girls names are the best Issabell, Jessabell and Claireabell. They are all mixed breeds and the love and joy of my life! Sence I am unable to have childern they are my childern. All three are over 50lbs and we share the bed every night(its a twin bed)even though it a tight squeeze.
—Guest kimberly

best names

My favorite name is Sparkplug! He was my bullog and he would light you up!
—Guest Pam Whitten

Dog Names

I have a german shepherd named Einstein not sure he's living up to it as of yet. Also have a second one named Sasha.
—Guest ponegal

great name

We named our choc Lab Elly, people seem to like that name
—Guest Marshall

Best Dog Names

The name of my beautiful black lab who lived to be 17 was Kazoo. Loved the name & somehow it suited her. My husky standard poodle mix's name was Ramona because she was dark & exotic. She was my favorite.
—Guest Pon

Pollyanna; The "Glad Girl"

When I first saw "Pollyanna" at the shelter, she was the iniest, sweetest, happiest and most vivacious puppy that I had ever seen. She reminded me of the children's book; "Pollyanna", which was made into a movie by Disney. Pollyanna is now three and she certainly has lived up to her name as the little "glad-girl"! We love her very much and she is the happiest dog I've ever seen!!!

Dog name from the past

My Golden Retriever is named Dougal from a childrens' TV show I used to see in the UK called The Magic Roundabout - that Dougal as an old English sheepdog. My niece has met another lady from the UK who also has a dog named Dougal from the same show.

My Boxer's name

My boxers unique name is: The Sweet Queen Anniepants Kissieface - Her Royal Highness from the Planet K-9.
—Guest Tom Trapp

Best Name for a dog

My dogs names are Hillary,Bill, Mia, Carletto,Lilly,Pizzy,Boo,Tippy,and the names fit them all........
—Guest Mary Ann
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