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Our Smart, Obedient Cattle Dog

Share Your Story: Living with an Australian Cattle Dog

By Pam

Our Smart, Obedient Cattle Dog

Bisquit & 2 of the kids

Our Smart, Obedient Cattle Dog

Bisquit and the kids ( 2 must be trailing behind)

Dog's Name & Age:

Bisquit not sure on age 5 or 6 maybe

In a Word, My Australian Cattle Dog Is…

Hysterically funny and loving

Best Characteristics of the Breed

smaller size, although she is 51 lbs

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

nothing, she's awesome!

When, Where and How I Got My Australian Cattle Dog:

Bisquit came to us two years ago with a litter of 6 puppies 6 days old. She came up from southern IL and we were fostering her and the pups. Someone had dumped her and she had delivered her puppies in back of a convenience store. She got here on a transport at about 8pm and from the moment she stepped out of the van she has been nothing but absolutely wonderful. Oh, she also came to us heartworm positive. After she had raised her pups, which did beautifully, we treated her for the heartworm and she is now negative. She is the happiest, funniest dog I have ever met and she is now part of our 7 dog pack.

I'd Describe My Dog As…

Happy, smiley, hysterically funny, great with everyone she meets, even our cats. Fanatical about food-nothing excites her more, hence the 51 pounds. I think she's part goat, though. So obsessive about eating paper! Almost any she can find. She's been with us 2 years now and it hasn't killed her yet. We do keep an eye on here and don't let her eat too much. But if you take a piece away from her, it's a race to next wastebasket to find something else. But we love, love, love her. We were told she used to live in a trailer park so we were worried about housebreaking but that was never a problem. I think we had 1 time in the house and when we told her "no" and put her outside it never happened again. Very smart, obedient dog. Puts all out others to shame!


  • We think cattle dogs are awesome. Very interesting look, not too big of a dog, very low shedding, fun, active, very intelligent and obedient.
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