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Reader Stories: Living with a Silky Terrier


The Silky Terrier is a small dog breed with a long, fine hair coat. The Silky is intelligent, friendly and loyal. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Silky Terriers. But like people, each dog is unique. If you own a Silky Terrier, we'd like to know more about your pet. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a Silky Terrier is the right pet for them.

Jilly - Loyal & Lovable

She's "needy" in the sense that she wants love and attention a lot. She is also very, very smart. She wants to please me and is very adept at figuring out what I want her to do, so training her has b…More

Janie is Child-Like, Yet Independent

A loving, loyal dog that loves us dearly, loves TV and is afraid of every other dog out there.:-) She is very mild mannered but sometimes will talk back and show her terrier side. Janie has been very…More

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