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Reader Stories: My Job Working With Dogs


Are you one of the lucky dog lovers that gets to make a living working with dogs? Is your career dog-centric? Even if you work with dogs as a hobby or volunteer your time to help dogs, we want to hear about it. Share your story! Tell others about your dog-related work, how you got started, and the pros and cons of the job.

Animal Rescue/Adoption

Yes, it is not something someone wants to do if they think they are above menial labor, but the rewards, although they are not material, are definitely worth it to me and my wife.You speak of using a…More

House 'n Doggie Sitting for Supplemental Income

I REALLY enjoy these fur-babies; staying in lovely homes; saving on electricity, etc. at my own home. I have two regular clients but do take a few others if I can get them in my schedule.It's VERY im…More

Program Assistant; Freedom Tails volunteer

The Freedom Tails program brings shelter dogs that would otherwise be euthanized into the prison for training....anything from basic housetraining and socialization, to understanding commands both vo…More

Boarding Kennel Owner

I work 24/7. Every morning you let out, feed and clean. Send some home and receive some new ones. Repeat, repeat. The dogs look at you as their master for the stay. They are very loving animals. Ther…More

Animal Rescuer

Rescuing and everything about properly caring for them. This means, medically treating or getting them treated. Feeding , bathing and walking them. As well as playing with them. I also advocate spayi…More

Dog Trainer and Handler

I have trained dogs, and classes in numarouse areas around the midwest. have also trained other people going throough the school. And i am currently working to get improovements to the tempermant eva…More

Working as a Dog Groomer

Grooming dogs, I enjoy the hands-on and finished job.I enjoy building up customers and looking back over the years to see how busy I have become. From little acorns, its amazing how far you can go fr…More

Trainer to the Canine Stars

I read scripts and prepare animals for what is required to make the film. I also make sure it is the right dog for the project, as not all dogs like to work in those situation. They may be shy or not…More

My Own Dog Grooming Shop

I do the traditional cuts on dogs (and cats) but have an opportunity to be creative with nail polishing and hair dye. The first thing I do is brush out the dogs and them give them a good bath. Then c…More

Dog Behavior Trainer and Coach

We believe in training dogs for the real world using real life distraction. Our goal is to be a canine resource for our clients and help them improve their bond with their dog. We specifically design…More

Mobile Dog Grooming Business

My dog grooming business is a service to my clients and they appreciate my availability in their busy schedules. I provide full grooming or customized service, depending on my client's request.My day…More

I Love Being a Petsitter

I visit about 4-5 homes per weekend day and usually 2-4 during the week depending on the time of year. Most of them are dogs, maybe about 1/3 are cats (I also take care of a bird and a hamster). I do…More

Veterinary Technician in Oncology

I started in the field over ten years ago as a kennel worker. Fortunately, I learned many nursing skills early on. I worked my way up to veterinary assistant, and it wasn't long before I knew that th…More

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