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Chase, Beloved Pug

Share Your Story: My Dog's Memorial Tribute

By stacey

Chase, Beloved Pug

poogsy bears

In Memory Of

Chase BC Moorehead

Born 3/29/1999, Died 1/5/2010

About My Dog

My family's beloved golden Pug was really loved for the 10 years we had him. In dog years he was 70, in human 10. He was the best Pug ever in the world. If you needed a friend he was always there. No matter what, you had a friend. I really miss him forever. Chase will always be in our hearts, until the day we meet again in heaven. Rest in peace, my beautiful golden Pug who had a heart of gold.

What I'd Like to Say To (or About) My Dog

He was the sweetest Pug ever on the face of the earth, who had my heart from hello. Chase was the most talented Pug. He always made you feel better, no matter what mood you were in. He could cheer you up with just one look of that cute face and curly tail. I wish you never left me here on earth alone. I love you so much, I can't ever forget you puggy. You touch my life forever with your hugable soft body and velvet ears. I can't ever go on without you in my heart, puggy. You are the one who made me feel like I was someone. I can't bear life without you, but I know you would want me to go on and enjoy my life again with our family and other dogs and cat who miss you so much. You were the most wonderful dog in the world. I will let you rest in peace now.

Lessons Learned

Always love no matter what, and don't forget the special dog who had your heart.
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