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Share Your Story: Living with a West Highland White Terrier Dog

By Louise Angelis

Dog's Name & Age

Holly (OBerry, 11 years of age)

In a Word, My West Highland White Terrier Is…

the sweetest dog I've ever owned.

Best Characteristics of the Breed

Smart, easy to train, perfect size, great temperament, sturdy and loving

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Can be stubborn at times, but cute!

When, Where and How I Got My West Highland Terrier

I bought my 4th Westie, Holly, from a breeder in Elgin, Illinois 11 years ago. When we picked her up, she was about 10 weeks old and paper trained.

I'd Describe My Dog As…

I would describe Holly as the most lovable, sweet tempered Westie imaginable. She was paper trained when we brought her home but, became house broken within a couple of weeks. She has been easy to train when it comes to doing her little tricks, one of which is "hugging." She places her chin on my shoulder and gives a "hug." She is truly my shadow, loves to sit in her car seat and go for rides in the car while looking out the window. Holly has a collection of "toys" and tennis balls and, LOVES when someone throws one of them for her to retrieve. She loves to be in our fenced yard following me around when it's not too warm otherwise, sitting on the patio surveying the scene or chasing an occasional squirrel who runs along the top of the fence. She loves her squishy beds but, also loves my bed because she can sink into the down comforters and snooze away. Holly loves her blueberries, melon, swiss cheese and Cheerios for breakfast and her warmed, canned food mixed with dry kibble and chicken breast for dinner. She weighs 16 lbs, so she's the perfect size to take along to a lot of places, particularly garden centers, as she sits in the cart while I'm shopping. Everyone always stops to pet her and tell me how cute she is and she loves the attention - it's that petting or rubbing her back or tummy! Holly is my fourth Westie and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the breed and this particular dog. She's really my four legged, furry little kid. Oh, and in bed, she likes to also snuggle right up against your body under the sheet and comforters but, once she gets too warm, she's out from under and stretches herself out in the fluff of the down comforters in her little pajamas. She's truly a sweetheart and I love and enjoy her beyond belief. As for medical problems, she did have knee surgery when she was about 6 years old and she has an occasional ear infection. Westies are a very wonderful breed, so full of love for their owner and, full of life. I couldn't imagine being without Holly.


  • Holly is the greatest family pet, we adore her and she returns that love every minute. She's good with small children and, if they'll play ball with her, all the better.
  • Feed your dog the very best food available (Wellness), take them for their checkups, give them bottled water, train them being precise and firm and you will be rewarded in so many ways.
  • Most of all, LOVE them with all of your heart. You can't begin to know the love that you'll receive back.
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