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Major and Max

Share Your Story: Living with a Weimaraner

By Alan

Major and Max

Max, enjoying a walk

Dog's Name & Age

Major (1st Wei) and Max (2nd Wei)

In a Word, My Weimaraner Is…

One of the family.

Best Characteristics of the Breed

Loyal, loving, intuitive, good looking, clean and good-natured.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Can be stubborn at times; needing of regular human company and contact.

When, Where and How I Got My Weimaraner

We got Major as a puppy and straight after a big feed he travelled 150km's in our car with no issues of car sickness etc. We lived in a cold part of the country which received snow and was quite a desolate area. He loved the outdoors and really relished the local mountain areas and when we took him back there, he got out of the car and walked around as if he was home again... Max, we got courtesy of a friend who rang and said "I've found your next dog!". We weren't looking for another dog as we had just built a new home. She had seen him in a local newspaper in a animal shelter, it was love at first sight.

I'd Describe My Dog As…

Our dog Max has a hard-case personality... he is either all-go or all-stop. All-go meaning that once a day (on his walk) he loves nothing better than to race other dogs and once packed a sad when he was beaten by a greyhound... he acted like an upset person who refused to talk about it! He, like all dogs (I'd say) is very keen on routine and come 7o'clock at night if he hasn't had a walk he will let us know by getting up from whereever he is lying down and sit in front of us (repeatedly) until we head towards his lead and put on our shoes. Weimaraners can display a sulky disposition - especially when they believe other lower members of the pack ie, young children are being paid too much, or more attention than they are. In our case this has resulted in the odd kids toy being hijacked and dispatched to the back yard... and if the behaviour (human) continues occasionally the toy would receive a bit of a chew. Don't get me wrong though, the Wei is an awesome pet and family member and when our first one "Major" died of old age, it broke our hearts. We got Max from a shelter at the age of 6mths. It took him a couple of mths to find his place in the pack as we were his 4th owner in the space of 6mths from the day he was whelped (which incidentally fell on my birthday). Once the hierachy had been sorted out he went from good to very good to excellent in around another 6mths.


  • Although dogs appear human, they are not. Dogs are pack animals. Be consistent with the rules. If they are not allowed on the furniture after the baby arrives then dont allow it from day one. The consistant rules and routines gives him his place in the pack.
  • Regaurdless of the weather walk the dog once a day. A dog who is bored and restless leads to behaviour that you will not find favourable.
  • Gun dogs have high energy levels. Weimaraners take two years to grow into their brains. They need chew toys, walks everyday and company.
  • teach ur children dog safety. To read the dogs body language.

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