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Reader Stories: Living with a Papillon


The Papillon is a petite yet hardy little dog with an alert, active and friendly demeanor. Papillons are delightful little dogs that make great part-time lap dogs and part-time exercise buddies. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Papillons. But like people, each dog is unique. If you own a Papillon, we'd like to know more about your pet. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a Papillon is the right pet for them.

Chloe and Dory

Dory is timid and skittish around strangers, but very lovable at home. Chloe is just the opposite. She loves to be petted and loves to snuggle with people.I hung sleigh bells on the door to teach the…More

Kingsley, a Clever Clown

An awesome champion.... he holds top agility & obedience titles in AKC & several other venues. Even when in the ring, he makes me & the audiences & quite often the judge laugh. He is full of energy, …More

Gumbo - King of the Road!

Not easy to housebreak, but he now has very few accidents. He is kennel trained, so that helps whe I am at work, but he is always so glad to see me! He never meets a stranger! Take him to school, I t…More

Jack (Jumping Jack Flash)

Every dog has their own personality. Jack is really a great asset in my life because he has been so easy to train in different areas. He is truly a fantastic watch dog and he abounds with love to eve…More

Phil, My Best Buddy

He is my best buddy. Always there and gives me love and laughter. My husband has taught him to howl and together they sing for me every day.I just had a very serious surgery so we both were very need…More

Mighty, Our Papillon Guard Dog

A great guard dog (he thinks he is the size of a German Shepherd) and has an oppinion about just everything. He is funny when he hears a dog on TV and barks and looks for the dog. My mom's cat rejoin…More


Virtually the perfect dog. She is just beautiful to look at and has the sweetest, most loving temperament. She is small (about 6 lbs.) and easily portable. She doesn't get into trouble when left alon…More

My Papillon, Suvie, Is Queen of the Household

Clean and friendly. Everyone at the VA Hospital knows and loves her. They will speak to her before acknowledging that I'm even there. Suvie is very healthy and has a wonderful personality. She doesn'…More

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