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Reader Stories: Living with a Mixed Breed Dog


Each mixed-breed dog is unique. Even if you meet a similar dog, no two are quite the same. Yes, even purebred littermates are genetically unique, but your mixed-breed dog truly stands alone. Here's a profile that describes common characteristics of mutts. If you own a mixed breed dog, we'd like to know more about your pet. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a mixed breed dog is the right pet for them.


He's the sweetest dog, but I think he was mistreated as a puppy. We tried to kennel train him, but he had panic attacks when we put him in the kennel. We gave up on kennel training pretty quickly. Al…More

Wonderful Springer Spaniel Mix

a Springer Spaniel mix. She was black and white, with long, soft hair. She had the Springer look: long ears, feathered hocks, beautiful feathered tail. As a puppy, she was impossible. She was a busy …More

I Instantly Knew Toby Was The One For Me

Toby loves to play with his toys and is forever pushing them into our feet hoping we will catch on and play with him. As soon as you look at him he will run to find a toy to dump infront of you ready…More

The Most Loveable Dog I Have Ever Known

The most beautiful, wonderful dog in the whole world! She is very well behaved. In fact people often comment on the way she listens to whatever we ask of her. She loves people, and especially childre…More

Rescued Pup Is A Wonderful Family Dog

Brick has a friendly personality and can always tell when you're feeling down. He rests his chin on your knee and howls songs to you. Brick took some puppy classes and loves to learn. He is very quir…More

Spot Is The Best Dog Ever

Spot is just so lovable, pulls the funniest faces, is very tolerant with kids, but doesn't like me resting my head on his or on his bed, he will crack the shits and go elsewhere. Its a great tease an…More

Babygirl Is The Light Of My Life

She is the daughter that I never had, she is the light of my life. She is very loving and protective. She has the run of the house, she sleeps with us and there are times we fight over the covers if …More

Missy, The Drama Queen Dog

Playful, cute, adventurous. My dog was not easy to train! She does not have any medical problems that I know of! I love her soooooooooo much, you could not even imagine how much I love her! She still…More

Simba, Prettiest Dog in the World

Simba was very easy to train, and has never been one to get into things around the house. She has more of a cat-like personality, where she prefers to be on her own and only comes around when it's ti…More

Bella, Our Golden Retriever & Poodle Mix

Bella is the most loving dog I have ever had. She will follow you every where you go. She has never growled at anyone one. She will bark at people on the street so she is a good watch dog, but if the…More

Max, Our Lovable Shepherd & Retriever Mix

Max is a wimp but very, very playful. He just loves tennis balls.He and Moe were very easy to train. Max is smart as a whip.They both housetrained quickly.Unfortunately, Max is allergic to most foods…More


Let me put it this way, I would probably never want another dog after him because I don't think any other dog would compare. He is super-smart. I taught him a half a dozen tricks in one week. He was …More


The life of the party! He just explodes with energy the second he sees anyone, especially his mommy. He is sooooooo cute and everybody notices him; he won't let you ignore him. I always get comments …More


Baby is a Chihuahua mix. He is very intelligent, clean, faithful, dedicated, and he's allowed in Walmart as he is my "Therapy" dog. Baby is an excellent consumer for Walmart as he buys everything he …More

My Mixed Breed Dog, Brandalina

Brandalina is an Australia Shepard, Border Collie, Lab, Irish Setter and Welsh Corgi mix. She was very easy to train since I started out with puppy pads. She was supposed to get no more than 40 lbs w…More

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