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Roxie, Our Angel With Four Paws

Share Your Story: Living with a Mixed Breed Dog

By martinabeltran

Roxie, Our Angel With Four Paws

Roxie our Angel

Roxie, Our Angel With Four Paws

Dog's Name & Age

Roxie, 3 years

In a Word, My Mutt Is…

My old soul

Best Characteristics of the Breed

All of her - great with children, very well behaved, learns quickly

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Will lick you to death and then some more

When, Where and How I Got My Mixed-Breed Dog

My 10 year old daughter had been asking for a puppy for years.

Beginning of December two years ago, my boss showed up at work with this scrubby looking, extremely shy 9 months old German Shepard, Rottweiler and something small mutt. She needed a home, my daughter had ask for a dog for the xth time (which convinced my husband), and me? She simply looked at me, installed herself in my office and spent two days growling at everyone that tried to come into my office (which was challenging as I was the CFO). Lets put it this way, I never even had a chance.

I'd Describe My Dog As…

She is an old soul. She is an angel with four paws.

She is loving, follows us anywhere (without leash), doesn't bark, loves all the kids (is very, very patient with them), plays and swims like a crazy girl, has never misbehaved in the two years we had the privilege to be with her. She is our joy and best friend. I am now convinced she was sent to me for a reason.


  • She is my first dog, and I truly hope she will live forever. But, I will never get anything else but a rescue mutt. They know and they will thank you every day of their live. Also, mutts have the best genes of it all, no overdoing. Just nature running its course.
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