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Phoebe - Devoted to Me

Share Your Story: Living with a Mixed Breed Dog

By Nina Rubin

Phoebe - Devoted to Me

Phoebe' Smiling Face '10!

Phoebe - Devoted to Me

Phoebe running in her cart '05

Dog's Name & Age

Phoebe 9

In a Word, My Mutt Is…


Best Characteristics of the Breed

Smart, loving, understand every word i say, and very much a character.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Can have a one track mind.

When, Where and How I Got My Mixed-Breed Dog

I had preciously rescued a dog from PAWS when I was living on the east coast, I got a call from them that a small female Jack Russell mix needed to be rescued. The woman from the rescue and I went to check her out. We then back to my house. At first we both wanted her, but she looked a lot like a dog who had recently lost passed away, and she bonded immediately with my three other dogs. So, we decided that she would stay with me. When my husband got home form work she was sitting at the top of the steps and he fell in love at first sight!

I'd Describe My Dog As…

Phoebe is a very loving and trustful dog, she has been through a lot in her nine years. We rescued at three months of age. When she came into our home, she had three sisters to join with our family of dog lovers.

She was a typical "Jack," jumping, digging up the yard -- that was the reason that she was given up!

I really rescued her to "be" my husband's dog, but she attached herself to me. She lives fully, loves fully, and seems to understand every word that I say to her, she cocks her head from side to side to listen.

After four years we moved to the west coast, and nine moths later, she herniated three disk and became paralyzed and required two back to back spinal surgeries, was crated for several months, and needed physical therapy, underwater therapy, and much TLC. She was given a 5% chance of walking again, but her surgeons did not know Phoebe's tenacity... and her willingness to work with and for her mommy. Within four months she took her first step, then she went into a cart for a few months. When she needed her diaper put on, all I had to say to her was "Phoebe diaper time," and she would roll on her back and throw her legs in the air, waiting for me to put her diaper on! She is one tough little cookie. She had multiple UTI's following in the next few years, undergoing cytocentisis (having urine drawn through her belly). She goes for acupuncture every six weeks and smiles as the needles are going in. She requires fluids periodically (more often now, so I just learned how to do it at home).

But she is a character, as I mentioned before... when it is bath time, and she sees me with a towel, she will go running to the other side of the house. I have to corner her in the kitchen and grab her with the towel and tell her that I found her!

She frequently still takes medication, I give all medication with Deli Roast Beef. I keep it in one drawer in the refrigerator. She could be in a dead sleep, if she hears the rustle of that drawer she will be in the kitchen in a flash!

I also sing to her (I sing to all my dogs, they love it), but when I sing to Phoebe, she rolls onto her back, to appreciate my fantastic voice (NOT!) and when I sing that,"Phoebe loves to give Mommy kisses all over her face, and uses her paws to hold Mommy;s face in place, she then smothers me in kisses!" .

I am 57, and as my husband tell me, I will never have another dog in my life who is as devoted to me as she is!


  • Be prepared when you adopt a dog, this is a long commitment, they require care, and you do need to prepare for the unexpected. My dog was a 4 year old when this happened to her.
  • Mixed Breeds, especially Terriers are great for families for they have wonderful personalities.
  • Mixed Breeds, especially Terriers are great for families, they have wonderful personalities.
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