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I Instantly Knew Toby Was The One For Me

Share Your Story: Living with a Mixed Breed Dog

By tania.murphy68

I Instantly Knew Toby Was The One For Me

Toby before his haircut

Dog's Name & Age

Toby who is just over one year old

In a Word, My Mutt Is…


Best Characteristics of the Breed

Adorable, friendly, playful, loyal

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Loves to lick, the tongue is quite over active

When, Where and How I Got My Mixed-Breed Dog

I found my Toby on the internet on Trademe. I spent about 2 hrs searching, I instantly knew he was the one when I saw the photo. He was the last one left out of the litter and apparently quieter than the rest (I'd hate to think what the others are like now), he definitely is not a quiet or withdrawn pup now. I drove one and a half hours to Wellington to pick him up hoping I would love him when I got there, like I loved him on Trademe. I went with my 16yr old son because someone had to look after the pup on our long drive home. Puppy refused to sit on his lap, preferring to curl up under the front seat instead.

I'd Describe My Dog As…

Toby loves to play with his toys and is forever pushing them into our feet hoping we will catch on and play with him. As soon as you look at him he will run to find a toy to dump infront of you ready to play. Of course as soon as you reach for that toy he will grab it and run away hoping you will give chase. Toby loves to lick and because he is only little he goes for everyone's feet and toes. But on the couch anything goes, legs, arms, hands, face, clothes, etc. He can't help himself. He was shocking to house train and still has the odd accident inside, usually in the mornings when I do actually hear him stirring but am too tired to get up to let him out...so my fault really. He seems to always be scratching since he was a pup but until now nothing has been found to be the cause. At the moment he has quite dry skin on his back and inside his ears. Toby also loves coming in the car and like to sit on my knee while I am driving...shhhh don't tell anyone. PS Toby is a Maltese Terrier x Australian Terrier x Papillion


  • Fun loving loves to play
  • Not a snapper or biter
  • Loves to sleep on your lap
  • Loves his food
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