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Atreyu, My Chow Beagle Lab Mix

Share Your Story: Living with a Mixed Breed Dog

By mechanical utopia

Atreyu, My Chow Beagle Lab Mix

Loving the snow!

Dog's Name & Age

Atreyu, 5

In a Word, My Mutt Is…

a ChaBeagle!

Best Characteristics of the Breed

Sweetest, most loving dog. Eager to learn and to please.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Sometimes has the Beagle issue of ignoring commands.

When, Where and How I Got My Mixed-Breed Dog

I found my puppy on a farm in VA. He was part of a litter between a full blood Chow Chow and a Beagle/Lab mix. My boyfriend's mother picked up my dog and another little guy. She later decided that two puppies were two much for her, so I received my little guy. He's outlasted the boyfriend!

I'd Describe My Dog As…

He's so sweet! And so good with kids. I was a nanny and he was fantastic with my kids. He took to learning commands very easily, however he wasn't 100% potty trained until he was a little over a year old. But that was probably inconsistencies on my end. He's incredibly hardy, and has yet to have a major medical issue. He's even eaten an entire glass bottle and was totally fine! (That's a long story... don't judge me as a terrible puppy parent!) He's a little on the sensitive side. He'll get upset if he can't find a good spot to hide his bones. Reacted best to positive reinforcement.


  • Consistency is key!
  • Don't be afraid to find your own way to train
  • Spend the money on quality dog food, you'll clean up less poop!
  • Take the training very seriously in the first couple of years, but only do it in five minute increments.
  • Have fun with your dog!
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