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Reader Stories: Living with a Maltese


The Maltese is a small, refined and energetic dog with long, soft white hair. This dog breed is intelligent and compact making it a conveniently portable little dog. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Malteses. But like people, each dog is unique. If you own a Maltese, we'd like to know more about your pet. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a Maltese is the right pet for them.

Lacey my Sweetheart

Fast Learner, was trained at 3 months to outside, cat's litter and on paper. She was smart as a whip. She loved to play. She was fussy about her food but that was okay. She loved to be comfy in her b…More

Chaitanya Has the Heart of a Lion

Chaitanya is my true love, my baby. Obedient, playful. Having a little mouth, it's difficult to clean the teeth. A white ball of fur after a bath or a floor mop!A perfect hot water bottle on a cold w…More

Pretty Girl Bianca

As a wonderful companion easy to train & housebreak. She was born with a heart defect (patent ductus arterious). We did not know this at the time we purchased her. At one year old we were told by our…More

Maltese Dogs Are Very Loving

He is such an interactive loving little guy. He wants to give and get love all the time. He is well behaved and so playful. He does up please by standing on his hind legs and crossing his front paws …More

Bonnie, Clyde, and Blanche

Each one of the dogs has a different personality. Clyde, our male is shy with strangers, when he gets to know you he can lick you until you can't stand it. He has a rope twice his size, he loves to h…More

Hoping for a Maltese

I'd describe my Maltese as a long-postponed bundle of happiness. The moment of opening my arms and having a silky ball of fluff run into them will probably occur in the next 18 months. My search for …More

Sweetheart Francie

Francie has a shy personality until she knows a person. She's a one person dog. She doesn't like being left alone for long periods. She is very playful and demands playtime at least twice a day. She …More

Dustin Hubba Bubba

The funniest little boys that I have ever seen. Bubba has never been sick a day in his 17 years of being with me. Casey, on the other hand has eaten everything he could get his teeth around, needing …More

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