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Reader Stories: Living with a Lhasa Apso


The Lhasa Apso a relatively small but quite sturdy dog with a long and dense double hair coat. This breed is known to be happy and playful, but also independent and mischievous. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Lhasa Apsos. But like people, each dog is unique. If you own a Lhasa Apso, we'd like to know more about your pet. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a Lhasa Apso is the right pet for them.

Eva is Up For Anything

She is very smart, almost too much for her own good. Easily potty trained except that I don't trust her enough to roam upstairs and down stairs by herself. I usually baby gate the down stairs for her…More

Our Little Man, Sam

brave, smart, funny, and stubborn. He has not been easy to train, and when the weather is bad, he refuses to go out. this makes the living room his potential potty. we have trained him to use the sho…More

Sid is a Comedian

The best thing that has ever entered my life - I was told by my trainer that he was the smartest dog she had trained in 20 years and then said "good luck" and that has been the roller coaster ever si…More

Buji is Absolutely Adorable

My godmother and as my husband describes my "shadow." She was with my grandma until my granny passed away in 2003. Buji was depressed and would not budge from my grand's bed. So I decided to bring he…More

Adorable, Loving Lilly

Lilly has an adorable personality. She is very affectionate and loves lots and lots of cuddles. Her best friend is Bruce, a 12 month old black and white tabby we rescued from the Bruce Highway.Lilly …More

Irresistible Lucky

He is the best dog I have ever owned. He almost looks like a little person with that cute face and eyes. He is sweet, extremely loving and full of fun. He reminds me of a toddler. He has learned comm…More

Sushi & Samurai

My soulmates, funny, very devoted, independent, mischievous, easily trained, potty trained about 8 weeks, great watch dogs, friendly and loveable. Mine all made wonderful therapy dogs, were in the hu…More

Rocky is a Joy

Rocky has a mind of his own. He has free reign of the fenced backyard, but scratches on the front door to go out. I tether him with a plastic covered tie-out that lets him reach the bottom of the dri…More

The Adorable Girlie

She was a challenge, but she has converted me from a cat person into a dog person. She is loyal, well-behaved, and no longer shy. She is definitely a "mama's dog" but interacts well with all members …More

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