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Patch is a Delight

Share Your Story: Living with a Great Pyrenees

By Christine

Patch is a Delight


Patch is a Delight


Dog's Name & Age:

Patch, 15 months

In a Word, My Great Pyrenees Is…

A delight! Compassionate, kind eyes, low key, grateful and full of love.

Best Characteristics of the Breed


Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Getting enough exercise in hot Arizona.

When, Where and How I Got My Great Pyrenees

On Easter Day I walked into my kitchen, and there was Patch, a large white polar bear. My son explained that the dog had fallen and his back right leg had been broken. Cement had covered his body and had to be cut off his fur. He had been taken out to the desert and left in a cage with two mastiffs. He looked like a sad boy. However, my female rottweiler, age 15 months, was in her glory. She was licking and kissing her new best friend. After some persuasion, I decided to keep the dog and delight in watching the two frolic and sleep side by side. The barking is somewhat of a problem but we are working on it.

I'd Describe My Dog As…

a real joy. His personality is so low-key. His BFF, a female Rottweiler, is always at his side. When he was sick a week ago, after receiving his shots, the rottweiler sat at his side all day, refusing to drink or eat until her "man" was better. Patch, the Great Pyrenees is housebroken and does not have any medical problems at this time. He is a wonderful animal.


  • This Great Pyrenees is a wonderful animal with other dogs and children.
  • He seems to enjoy small favors, like having his ears rubbed or his coat brushed.
  • He is kind and loving and wonderful.
  • One time he did bolt when the garage door was open, but we were able to catch him and close the door. I do not know if this is because he is in another new home or if this is the nature of this kind of dog.
  • I would never have chosen a dog of this size, but after two months I am totally in love with this dog.
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