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Molly & Benny

Share Your Story: Living with a Golden Retriever

By heritage88b

Molly & Benny

Molly & Benny

Dog's Name & Age:

Benny & Molly, age 6 (littermates)

In a Word, My Golden Retriever Is…


Best Characteristics of the Breed

Devoted to their owners. And anyone wielding a cookie.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Need for attention - constant attention.

When, Where and How I Got My Golden Retriever

I am the third home for my Goldens. They came to live with me at age 2 1/2. They were reserved - the first few days. Then they got comfortable. Someone had raised them from 8 weeks to 2 years, then left the country (that was the story). I received them from the second family - the Goldens were too rough for their retired racing greyhound. We three have been together for over four years, and three homes.

They are most comfortable with a set routine - the moves were not easy for them. Even now, Benny gets nervous when he sees cardboard boxes. I moved items around to paint a room - he was not happy!

I'd Describe My Dog As…

My dogs are the hunting variety - long-legged and oversize. Both are over 90 lbs. They are red and the female's coat is longer than her brother's. They are very sweet, but very needy. They do not understand why they can't both be in my lap. I don't let them on the furniture with me, mostly because there would be no room for me! Same with the bed - they have their beds and I have mine. I think that's fair. In fact, I chose my current home solely on the size of the yard! For them!

They like to run, but are not fond of retrieving. They watch me throw the ball. I think Benny has a vision issue, his depth perception seems off. Molly, his sister, can catch a ball with ease, but then spits it out and gives me a disgusted look. Their personalities are quite pronounced and different!

My dogs were housebroken and have had very few accidents over the years. Benny is sensitive to grains, so I get a grain-free food for both. Also he has recurring ear infections. Molly's breath will knock you down, but she's in good health. She had a broken tooth a few years ago, but otherwise, they have both been very healthy.

They are iffy on leash - I need to spend more time training them. They are very excited when people come to the house - they have a fierce bark. They are so excited, they make it difficult for people to get through the door. We're working on that. Then as soon as everyone sits, they flop down and nap.

Two at once, at the same age, is difficult. I've read it's best to get one dog, train it, then wait a few years for the second dog. The younger/newer addition will mimic the older dog.

Benny and Molly wrestle - looks and sounds serious. But they don't do it with other dogs or people. It's "their" thing - I guess because they have always been together.


  • Goldens have great personalities, if socialized properly.
  • Training is essential.
  • Their energy is epic - they will wear you out!
  • Every dog must be supervised with children - or the other way around. Neither is responsible enough to be trusted alone. Dogs "play" differently - mouthing is to be expected. It should be discouraged with people. A child could not play that way.
  • Expect to rotate chew bones and toys.
  • Goldens are curious and smart - need to be challenged. Bored dogs are destructive dogs! Tire them out every day! Teach them tricks and jobs. At least an hour of play time or 45-min walks
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