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Reader Stories: Living with a Doberman Pinscher


Dobermans are fearless, loyal and highly intelligent. These traits have made them ideal police, war and guard dogs, but they are also outstanding companions. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Doberman Pinschers. But like people, each dog is unique. If you own a Doberman Pinscher, we'd like to know more about your pet. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a Doberman Pinscher is the right pet for them.

Sybil - Sweet, Funny and Intelligent

Sybil is very sweet, she is small about 60 LBS she is very funny and when we come home from being out she gets so excited she steals a shoe or holds her toys to contain her excitment. She is so smart…More

Cisco & Sienna

Cisco is a excellent watch dog and I couldn't ask for a better companion. Since we added Sienna he recognizes her as his wife. She also is the best at guarding the home front. She is aware of any and…More

Lieberman, a Wonderful Dobe

.Lovable pain in the ass, but worth it.He's always watching EVERYTHING, especially for squirrels (His arch nemisis!)if it moves,he see's it! We're still workin on relations between Lieber & the kitti…More

Ti-Ti Helped Me Conquer My Fear

The only Dobie that will be in my life. There will never be another dog like him, not even one that I will train to be my best friend and to guard me like Ti-Ti did. Ti-Ti was not trained to guard th…More

Missy is Lovable and Protective

Loveable, always gives kisses, lets people know she lives at this house when they walk by on sidewalk. Protective and loves to chase squirrels! She loves her belly rubbed! Likes to run! Dobermans nee…More

Sarah Was the Best Friend I Ever Had

Friendly, but protective. She was so stubborn that when I had her ears cut and strapped up and time I took them down she would shake them down. A breeder in the cities taped her ears until she was se…More

Meet Cedee and Apollo

Apollo is loving, loyal and my best friend. He loves all animals and loves kids even more. He is spoiled but is the best boy. Cedee is the princess. She is a kisser and is a daddy's girl. She loves t…More

Sadie, My Amazing Dobie

My current Dobie is a seven year old red female with natural ears. I got her when she was 7 months from Doberman Rescue of New Mexico. I had an old red female die from lymphoma in September so I cont…More

Brandy Is A Daddy's Girl

The most adorable creature ever!!She is so cute. If she throws up, she gets a rag and covers it. We don't know why--we would never be harsh with her so she shouldn't be afraid, although she is skitti…More

Dobermans Are Loyal Companions No Matter What

Wolfgang is my son. I treat him like a human, therefore, he acts like a human, he just can't speak English. He has a funny personality. He does really cute things and his personality is always being …More

Dobermans Captured My Heart

This dog was exactly what you would not expect of a dog like this in many ways. She thought she was a small lap dog. Sheba was always with you if you were in the back of the house she had a tendency …More

Xoey Is A Smart Doberman

Xoey was raised with lots of attention and was handled every day. She is very loving when she gets to know you. At first, she is very shy and wants nothing to do with anyone until we tell her that it…More

Our Doberman Was Our First Child

Sherry was a darling to train. She was very intelligent and obedient. It took me about a week to get her potty-trained and she was housebroken within a month. But, I soon realized why this breed is c…More

My Closest Companion And Friend, Gretel

Gretel is the most loyal friend I've ever had. When I come home, she is at the door, wagging herself all over. Dobie's have a peculiar trait- they "spin" in a circle when excited or happy. No other d…More

Duchess Sasha of Audenwood

Drop dead gorgeous, fiercely attentive to me, watches every move I make and loves to be with me in any room I am in. She loves her beds that I have for her, her bones that I stuff with treats - all i…More

Waco Is A Loyal And Protective Doberman

A sweetheart, but still young and still learning. Eager to please, wants to be at my side constantly. Dobies can bond to a person or a family, but Waco's definitely bonded with me. She was easy to ho…More

Dozer, a Gentle Giant

The apple of my eye. He is smart, a challenge. He was easily house trained and has learned very quickly his commands. He is protective of his property but is not vicious, just has a loud bark and war…More


Awesome temperament, but then I look for good temperament. He was very easy to house train, extremely easy to obedience train, as Dobes are....... and that sense of humor! As Dillon is from a backyar…More

Sita, One Amazing Dobie

Loyal, loving, protective, easy to train. I went to have her fixed, but they did a test for von Willebrand disease and told me she is severe. I did not have her fixed and do not plan on breeding her,…More


Highly intelligent and active, a bit headstrong, needs firm handling, superb guard dog, very protective of her family and territory, fearless, loyal, playful, wary of strangers and children, very eas…More

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