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Heidie, a Great Companion

Share Your Story: Living with a Dachshund

By DachsHaven

Dog's Name & Age:

Heidie was twenty one years old when she passed onto Rainbow Bridge

In a Word, My Dachshund Is…


Best Characteristics of the Breed

Highly intelligent, curious loving and funny!

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Stubborn and will ignore you!

When, Where and How I Got My Dachshund

Heidie was purchased with the savings of $25.00 as Thomas was only seven years old. He was able to get Heidie for this fee as his father was a veterinarian and knew the woman. Heidie had a under bite. Thomas went off to college and then join the Navy. During this time I, the mother, cared for Heidie. It is best to get a dachshund from rescue. The rescue person has spent time and understands the little quirks and trains the dachshunds. There are several very reputable rescue groups: Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue and Dachshund Rescue of North America. One can go onto Dachshund Rescue Web page also.

I'd Describe My Dog As…

Dachshunds have a mind of their own. Heidie would go into the kitchen and get her metal dish and bring it into the living room when we had company and place the dish at the quest's feet and rattle the dish as if to say "want you give me something to eat~these people are starving me around here!"


Read Dachshunds for Dummies book. Which you can purchase from the Dachshund Rescue Web page. Do seriously consider getting the dachshund from rescue. It is a win/win situation~you get a great dachshund that is already up to date on all shots, spayed/neutered, heart worm negative and house trained. The money goes back into rescue to help to rescue other dachshunds that would be put to sleep or a cast away. You get the try the dachshund out on a trial basis to see if it is a good fit. How cool is that!

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