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Ping Dong & Dorie

Share Your Story: Living with a Chinese Crested

By BJSalzman

Ping Dong & Dorie

My Dorie

Ping Dong & Dorie

Ping Dong

Dog's Name & Age

Ping Dong is 14 months old and Dorie is 3 years old.

In a Word, My Chinese Crested Is…

Joyful, very full of happiness

Best Characteristics of the Breed

Wonderful temperament; good size

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Needs to be taught when and where to jump and run

When, Where and How I Got My Chinese Crested

I got my female as an adult. I adopted her from a family that had a small child that was afraid of her. I bought my male as a puppy from a show breeder, that adheres to breed standards and loves the breed.

I'd Describe My Dog As…

The personality of the Chinese Crested is like a intelligent child that loves to run and play. The breed also loves to cuddle on the couch and is very loving and loyal. I have not had a medical problem or problems with house breaking. I have studied dog behavior. If you become a dog whisperer, and speak and understand dog language, you will be able to have any dog behave properly with you and your family. If you are not a dog whisperer then get the information you need to become one. Otherwise, the intelligent dogs will do as they please, and lead you. They must have dos and dont's in their lives and games to play. Daily exercise is a must. Backyards and houses are not enough for the curious nomad minds of dogs. They want to be with you and see the world.


  • Anyone who is going to own any dog needs to be a good leader.
  • Speak and understand dog language.
  • If you are willing to learn about dogs in a way that you may not be familiar with, any breed will be a good fit.
  • Chinese Crested are energetic dogs that need guidance, otherwise their intelligent minds will become the leader of your house.
  • Keep them well-mannered with boundaries & limits.
  • Exercise them daily.
  • Keep their minds challenged with walks & challenging rituals when feeding. Teach them to always follow you, never let them lead.
  • Teach tricks, let them hunt for hidden items hidden.
  • The breed is best with older children.
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