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Little Girl

Share Your Story: Living with a Chihuahua

By Jan

Dog's Name & Age

Little Girl 3yrs.old

In a Word, My Chihuahua Is…

The best thing I've done in long time. She loves me & I love her very much.

Best Characteristics of the Breed

She was abused but is OK now. She's not like most Chihuahuas - she's better

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

She is a small black female chihuahua. She loves everyone and they love her

When, Where and How I Got My Chihuahua

One of my friends told me about her. I just lost my other chihuahua, she was 14 yrs old. This one is so different from my the other one just because she was abused she is 3 yrs old. I have had her for l year and 5 months. She is black and weighs 7 pounds. I took her to the vet, and he said she was doing better. She has a place on her right side were she was kicked. She hops on one of her legs and her hip. But she is my baby and I love her very much. She loves kids and babies - most chihuahua don't like kids but she loves my nephew, a little boy. He loves her and she loves him. She is the best natured little dog I could have. I got her 12-25-09.

I'd Describe My Dog As…

She was housebroken when I got her. She goes outside in the daytime and uses a puppy pad at night. She has no health problems. She has the best personality a little chihuahua could have - she loves everyone. She loves to ride in the car, and she knows I would never hurt her and put her in a cage. I take her everywhere I go. There are few places she can't go. I wish I could find another one that no one wants. She was given to me and I would take another one just like her if i]I could find one - just a female. The vet says she did not need to be bred her due to her abuse. Little Girl sits on the back of the couch in my living room looking out the window, which sits upon a main highway where a lot of traffic is. We live in the country where I have cows and a pasture. She loves those cows. They are black and so is she, and she thinks she is one too. She does not have any medical problems, but I think she might have some problems with her stomach from being abused. She has a big place on her rib cage. If you pick her up the wrong way she cries. Her leg and hips and knees are really in bad condition. The vet said he would not breed her because of the problems she has. She gets around really good - she just hops on the bad leg and hip. I would love to find another one, a female, for her to play with. She loves other dogs - I have a outside dog which is a old blue heeler. He plays with her, but he is just too big. I wish I find someone who doesn't want their Chihuahua anymore and would let me take care of it. Me and little girl would love that. You see, it is just me and her. And we would love her just like we have had her all her life.


  • I have had 2 others Chihuahuas that did not like kids (not little kids). But this one I have now is so different. I think it is that she hurt for a long time and she came into my life and she feels safe.
  • Chihuahuas are good for people that live like myself or one owner. They are the best friends a person can have.
  • In my opinion, people who get dogs - little ones or big ones - if they want to be a good pet owner, treat them as you want to be treated. They are man's best friend, they will be with you forever and the little ones that are like babies - treat them good.
  • Chihuahuas can be the best family pet you can ever have. Love them.
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