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Reader Stories: Living with a Chihuahua


The Chihuahua is a tiny but confident dog that loves giving and receiving attention. Despite its petite and fragile appearance, the breed is quite bold and can even be considered brazen. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Chihuahuas. But like people, each dog is unique. If you own a Chihuahua, we'd like to know more about your pet. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a Chihuahua is the right pet for them.

Samson & Delilah Are Devoted Companion Chihuahuas

Delilah is a little Diva. Loves to cuddle, total lap dog, licks constantly and very easy to train. She enjoys playing ball outside in the sunshine. She goes outside to do her thing when she first wak…More

Reina Sue, Jackie Pooh & Corazon Consuelo

On the alert! They are the best early warning alarm system there is. If Reina doesnt know a visitor, she will bark, then go sniff them and if shes still not satisfied, she will continue to bark at th…More

Smores is Full of Heart

Smores is full of heart.. He does have a problem himself.. He has asthma. When play so hard.. He coughs for a very short rime then hes all good.. The vet said he must of been born with that so we go …More

Charley & Teddy

My two four legged boys. Charley likes to nap then in the evening he wants to play with his stuff toys. He brings one to me and wants me to toss it so he can chase it. Teddy's favorite thing is to si…More

Coco is Active & Loving

Coco is perfect for our family. She is very active & loving. She has a huge personality and is not at all afraid to share it with you, loudly. She is very smart & has been easy to train to do tricks …More

Chloe is Sweet and Loyal

A very sweet and loyal pet! She is so spoiled she has about 20 chew toys in her big bed! She loves to hang around with my neighbors pets, two dachunds. She will bite you if you try to pick her up fro…More

Johnny is a Good Boy

cute and clever. Johnny is easy to train and has a lot of energy to burn. He hates choke chains and thrives on positive training. He is house broken (easily so!) but hates the cats who are terrified …More

Meeko & Pookie

Meeko and Pookie are both really playful. They love to curl up close to ppl when they're layin down watching tv. Will chase anything that runs outside and loves playing with the neighbors dogs. They …More

Louiie, My Devoted Chihuahua

My dog is very devoted. He demands love and care, but he has such a wonderful attitude and personality. It's hard to describe but he's like my best friend. He cares. He was pretty easy to house train…More

Little Girl

She was housebroken when I got her. She goes outside in the daytime and uses a puppy pad at night. She has no health problems. She has the best personality a little chihuahua could have - she loves e…More

Mama Pebbles, a Great Companion

Loving – very easy to train. She can be moody at times and wants to be the center of attraction. She needs a lot of love, holding – wants to be loved, very big into kisses.Medical problem…More

Tiger, the Best Anyone Could Have

Now, as for Tiger boy. This Lady had to give one of her babies away. My Mother takes care of me and when I heard about this I just pure begged Mama to let me get him and O...How I Love Him. I can be …More

Enjoy A Loving, Loyal Chihuahua

We loved little Scooby and he sure loved us. He slept with my 10 year old daughter and had such a wonderful spirit. He loves to play with his toys, with the squirrels outside, the dogs next door, and…More

Pippie The Chihuahua

An important part of the family. He's loyal and loving and brave. His big problem is no fear of big dogs. He's tolerant to the point of ridiculous with our 18 month old Yorkie. He lets her boss him a…More

Sweetie, My Best Friend

Very aware of what I am doing. I am 72 and a disabled Veteran in a wheelchair. Sweetie barked and took me to the kitchen stove to show me that a pan of water had gone dry. My caregiver cannot hear wh…More

Chance - Devoted to His Owner

Small, cute, long hair and loving towards me. He likes to have me take him everywhere I go, whether is out for a ride in the car, which he rides well, or into a store. When I'm not around he is okay …More

Button and Her Kitty Pal, Bubbles

Amazing!!! She is so smart. She chose to make her bed in a cabinet in the kitchen. She opens it and closes it by herself. She eats very little, she carries one tiny morsel of food at a time to her ho…More

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