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Reader Stories: Living with a Boxer


Boxers are energetic, intelligent, athletic, loyal dogs with sweet and playful temperaments. They tend to get along very well with children and possess an instinct to protect the family, making them wonderful family dogs. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Boxers. But like people, each dog is unique. If you own a Boxer, we'd like to know more about your pet. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a Boxer is the right pet for them.

Daytona and Her Daughter Katy

A best friend and a relaxing companion. These little girls are always doing something to be the class clown. I can not leave any cookies on my kitchen table because the pup Katy thinks they are hers.…More

Rocky is a True Companion

Rocky is a true family member. Was very easy to housebreak. We had a christmas bell hanging from our front door knob, when he had to go out, I'd hit the bell. Now when he needs to go he'll hit the b…More

Trixie is Loving and Playful

the best thing that ever happened to me. she knows when i'm sad and is always sleeping with me if she's not touching me she's where i have to step over her to get up. she gave me my life back. i have…More

Delphi and Roadie

my female Delphi is very well behaved , we adopted her so she didnt have much training and not very much confidence, but she learned very fast. she is so smart and loyal,always by my side. she can be…More

Foxy Roxy

My best companion. I work from home so my favorite co-worker and a fantastic running partner (never is she too tired to go today). Roxy was really easy to train and caught on well for everything but …More

Loyal, Loving Lily

A health, fun loving friend, great with kids and very loyal. Loves to ride in the truck and now is a valued member of my family! loves to swim and play with our Bulldogs! Thier high energy is both am…More

Jack: Warm, Affectionate and Sometimes Naughty

High-spirited, gorgeous, warm, loving, sweet, extremely well-dispositioned, with an extreme talent for making me nuts by thinking that snatching and chewing EVERYTHING is a game. He rough-houses with…More

Kind and Gentle Buster

Kind, gentle, and fun loving! He was super easy to train and the smartest dog I have ever had!!! He has learned several tricks, sit, stay, lay down, dance, crawl, turn around, speak, and his famous s…More

Kane is Part of the Family

When Kane was a puppy, I was ready to give him away. He was a handful. But for a couple of months we trained here at home. So, we kept him. During the day he is out in his kennel. At night, I bring h…More

Harry, My Best Friend

Despite how clever they are, they're a bugger to train! Don't mistake this as stupidity, they're simply strong-willed.He is protective over me. Once, we were burgled while me and my family were out, …More

Sweeties Mya & Bella

Gorgeous,intelligent ,sweet, naughty, full of energy. Mya potty trained in a week and leash trained immediately. Mya is "Flashy Fawn" in color, and simply gorgeous when she stands in full alert.Mya h…More

Winston Saved My Life

I love my dog more then anything in this world. I had some very depressing years that I don't know if I would have made it through without Winston. He could go in any house and be relaxing on the flo…More

Disney Rae Boodog - A True Gift

Excellent! We had 2 cats before Disney, & she wasn't very friendly with them. It's only been 3 1/2 months, but the cats now watch for her when she is outside, and Disney insists that she be outside w…More

Boxers Are The Best Friends You'll Ever Have

Both of our dogs were great dogs. Even though they are not with us today, I feel strongly about this breed. Our dogs were the most loving animals. They were so gentle with our son when he was born, w…More

Our Boxer Pals, Daisey And Beau

Daisey required no training at all. One of the many perks of adopting an adult Rescue dog. Beau must have belonged to a teen boy who taught him to wrestle, growl and chew on feet. With consistent tra…More

I Adore My Boxer, Rambo

In the beginning, overwhelming but now contented. Rambo was quick to go outside to do his business. Rambo soon developed a terrible underbite and looks very comical. For the first two years he threw …More

My Spoiled Rotten Boxer, Sasha

She was the easiest to house break I've ever seen. She only went in the house about 3 times. (Our others were grown dogs when we got them.) She is so full of energy that I made her a homemade tether …More

All About Bailey

Loyal, goofy, playful, loving, just an awesome dog. She was easy to train. She hated the rain. You'd have to make her go out if it was even sprinkling. She was very curious and always found herself g…More

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