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Bogey's Second Chance

Share Your Story: Living with a Border Collie

By Bogeys Dad

Bogey's Second Chance

Frisbee Flyer

Bogey's Second Chance

Wouldja just throw it, pleeeeeez?

Dog's Name & Age

Bogey just turned 4

In a Word, My Border Collie Is…


Best Characteristics of the Breed

So easy to train

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Tends toward obsessive-compulsive behavior

When, Where and How I Got My Border Collie:

Bogey was 11 months old and owned by a military family. I don't think mom was consulted when dad got him. Dad went to Iraq and left mom with a 7 month toddler and 2 month BC.

Bogey spent most of his first year in a muddy pen in the back yard. When dad came back from the war, they put an ad on craigslist. I was the first responder to the ad. I took him - for $150. He came with a leash that he didn't understand, a web collar, a bowl, some treats and his health record.

On the way home I renamed him Bogey from Teddy. (Since I was his second owner, I figured that made him one over par ;-)

I'd Describe My Dog As…

Bogey believes his job is fetch. He doesn't care what he's fetching - I do. No sticks or rocks - he'll drop both at my feet. No coconuts either, or other tree seeds.

He does have his favorites. #1 is Frisbee. #2 is tennis ball. #3 is his football.

He has a basket where we keep his toys (all except the Frisbees and tennis balls - they're mine, not his). He knows the name of each of his 9 toys and will go get the correct one by name. Better than that, he will also put them away on command - either as a collection of whatever is on the floor or each by name.

Bogey's right hip has moderate dysplasia. I give him glucosamine twice a day and a Bufferin just before his dinner. We do some leg-strengthening work every day to help him hold the joint in place.

Bogey will learn a new trick in 2 or 3 five-minute sessions. He's scary-smart - probably smarter than me.


  • Border collies are fun and loyal dogs given you have the time to spend with them.
  • They need a daily walk of a couple of miles at a minimum.
  • Best is if the walk includes some fun job in the middle of it - say a walk to the dog park where a game of Frisbee is played.
  • ALWAYS ensure that you are alpha - who goes first, walk at heel, rules for food and furniture, etc.
  • Border collies thrive on structure - give 'em plenty.
  • They need a job - actually, many jobs.
  • Socialize them early and often to lots of different dogs and lots of different people.
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