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Reader Stories: Living with a Border Collie


The Border Collie is a medium-sized dog that is very athletic, highly intelligent and has plenty of energy. This breed is extremely driven, loyal and hard-working. A happy Border Collie is a working or playing Border Collie. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Border Collies. But like people, each dog is unique. If you own a Border Collie, we'd like to know more about your pet. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a Border Collie is the right pet for them.

Pinky is Wonderful and Intelligent

pink is the easiest dog to train that i've come across, she will do anything, she opens doors, escapes out of crates, will scale a 8 foot gate to get to me if i'm on the other side! will heal off lea…More

Barney Walks a Fine Line Between Genius & Madness

My shadow. Barney's turned into a bit of a one-person dog - he's always got an eye on my movements and is at my side, under my feet whenever possible. He'll try anything I ask of him and just despera…More

Jazzmine - Brilliant and Full of Energy

She has hip dysplasia. Although she has been a large challenge I love her as much as a human child, maybe even more She is very dominant and I think that she missed that critical socialization period…More

Lucky, the Fabulous BC

easy to train, dislikes loud noises/commotion, enjoys a calm household enviroment, needs lots of attention & exercise, indoor dog, not always good w/small animals, likes to herd kids & make sure they…More

Thomas is Energetic, Loyal and Gentle

Well, for one thing, he loves to herd us, our cats and our chickens. He is very active, so it's lucky we live on 20 acres. His favourite game is catching the frisbie, which he always bring back to ou…More

Bogey's Second Chance

Bogey believes his job is fetch. He doesn't care what he's fetching - I do. No sticks or rocks - he'll drop both at my feet. No coconuts either, or other tree seeds.He does have his favorites. #1 is …More

Butch, a Boy's Best Friend

The best dog I ever had. When I was growing up I had a younger brother and we would play on the patio. Very seldom did we have Butch on a leash. If we tried to get off the patio as mom would be in th…More

Wonderful Zoe

She was very easy to housebreak. She really needed a lot of stimulation as a young dog, so we did agility for a couple of years. She enjoyed the activity, but does not really enjoy being around dogs …More

Caitie Merryweather

As a dog trainer I rescued this pup to ensure she was not going to end up back in a shelter for behaviors that would lead to her being put to sleep. She was VERY cute, already had some food aggressi…More

Dixie, Duece & Chase

Duece was super easy to house break. He had one accident and that was it. He is the sweetest and smartest dog I have ever had the privilege of owning. He is really laid back but when its time to get …More

Our Border Collie Is Great With Grownups And Children

Now after 1 1/2 years Rascal lives with us and his big brother Peppers, a 100 lbs Black Lab/Blood Hound mix, who is also a rescue dog. Actually Rascal is a Border Collie/German Shepard mix, he has th…More

Rodeo, The Border Collie

Rodeo is a family dog but he is definitely is my husband's dog. He loves me and our girls, but when his dad comes home, he's gone and all of his attention is focused on dad and the cows. He is energe…More

My Two Dogs Make My Life Whole

Jewel has mellowed since the cushion days. She is my quiet, gentle girl who never complains and is always ready to play or just go for a walk. She still loves competing at Agility and is the best tea…More

My Border Collie, Bella, Saved Me From Depression

Bella was so easy to housebreak. It took me a week. She was crated, when I wasn't home and she behaved herself real well. Bella's got a sweet personality. She is shy, but is friendly. She learns very…More

George Is The Best Border Collie

George is friendly, gorgeous, brave and cuddly. He is my hero because wherever I go he follows me. He is my shaggy hero. I wish he could talk to me with words but his movements and facial expressions…More

The Wonderful Harley

A great companion... wants to be with you all the time. If he hurts himself he never complains. He is a very loving dog, the best dog I have ever had. He was easy to train and easy to housebreak. His…More

Taku Needs a Mission

A headstrong girl with lots of energy; even at 7 years old she still needs an outlet for all her silly beans. She will herd me when we walk and sometimes I give in and we go a little farther. She's a…More

Bella, Our Border Collie

Bella is not a pure bred, but a cross-breed of Border Collie (3/4) and what seems to be a Whippet or a Greyhound.She is very active and learns quickly. She loves squeaky noises, but is also a powerfu…More

McKinley, a Busy BC

My dog is very busy. He loves to help with our goats, and although I've never had him formally trained in herding, he definitely has the temperament for it. In many ways he was very easy to train, be…More

Cooper, Our Border Collie

Easy to train, playful, smart and very loyal. They are good with kids, a good pet, but you have to have a big yard or farm, and you have to walk them. They need room a lot of room, and they like to h…More

Frankie the Psychology Dog and her Pal Belle

Listen to the story - it says everything ... For the record, Frankie has not been trained. She trained me to whistle her whenever I needed her, personable, no health issues, knows her place - at my s…More

My Million Dollar Border Collie, Wolfie

I didn't have to train him. He trained himself-----and then he proceeded to train me! When it comes to health, Wolfie seems to be very sound of body, as well as of mind. I found out quickly that he l…More

Angus, Our Border Collie Mix

He's really only part border collie, part cocker spaniel. I wish he could reproduce because it's an ideal mix. He's as smart as a border collie but not as hyperactive, and cute like a spaniel but not…More

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