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So Glad We Found Our Lily

Share Your Story: About My Adopted Dog

By Lily's Mom

So Glad We Found Our Lily

Lily Bean

My Dog's Name


When I Adopted My Dog

1 month ago (September 2010)

Where I Found My Dog

We found Lily on Petfinder.com and went to the shelter to meet her... it was love at first sight.

About My Adopted Dog

Lily is a 9 month old, super sweet puppy. She is part hound / Pit bull / Jack Russell Terrier. She is constantly trying to give you love and loves to play with our cat Smootchers. She is so good with new people and other dogs too. We are so happy we found her.

My Dog's Adoption Story

When we went to the shelter to meet Lily she was out on a walk. When she came back, she ran right up to me and jumped up and gave me a hug. I knew she belonged with us. She is the sweetest dog and I am very glad we got a Pit bull mix. There are so many in shelters and they get such a bad name, but I love telling people she is part Pit, squashing the myth that they are bad pets one person at a time.


  • My advice would be to make sure you are a good match with your pet. We are very affectionate people and we wanted an affectionate dog to join our family. Just make sure you ask all the right questions to the shelter.
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