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Reader Stories: Stories of Canine Inspiration - Dogs and Humans Helping One Another


Need inspiration? Read about dogs and their owners who helped make a difference in the world. From fundraisers and volunteers for pet charities to service and therapy dogs, these reader stories can warm your heart and make you feel inspired.

Do you have an inspiring story involving dogs? We want to hear it!

Czar, a Mini Schnauzer

We encourage both the child and Czar to play together and be gentle with one another. The little girl learned to respect other forms of life and to help when help was needed. She now has her own pets…More

A Survivor's Story

Since I had to live in Assisted Living cuz of a broken hip, I took her with me to say hello to the old people living there and she always brought a smile. When my father had Alzheimer's, she made all…More

Sarge's Story of Survival and Love

We have been able to help Sarge by EXCELLENT medical care given by Maple Hills Vet Hospital in Allentown, PA. www.maplehillsvet.com With the expert help of Dr. Abbey Banzhof and her father, Dr. Ken B…More

Annabelle, A Greatly Missed Therapy Dog

Some of the treasured visits were with cystic fibrous patients. Sisters, four and five years old sat on the floor, combed and styled her hair forgetting why they were in the hospital. We saw them oft…More

Raffee - Therapy Dog Extraordinaire

I went to a dog therapy training class for 8 weeks, was observed 3 times by professionals and he passed a test. Then we were insured, up to date on all shots for both Raffee and his driver, got appro…More

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