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Reader Reviews : Dog Food Reviews - Best and Worst Dog Food Brands


With thousands of dog food brands on the market today, choosing the right diet for your dog can be quite a struggle. Even pet experts do not always agree on the best types of dog foods. This is because there is not just one right answer.

Read reviews of the best and worst commercial dog foods written by dog owners like you. Find out what other dog owners have to say about various brands of dog foods. You can also write your own review of dog food brands you have given to your dog. Share the reasons why you did or did not approve of certain diets.

Blue Buffalo Large Breed

When I'm not feeding my dog, Dozer, a raw diet, he gets Blue Buffalo. I alternate the flavors so that he doesn't get bored. His coat is absolutely beautiful and he doesn't excrete as much feces as do…More


I have been feeding my Scottie Instinct Raw and Kibble since he was a puppy. He loves it and the raw food is great for breeds who tend to put on weight because it has very little if no "filler". Also…More

Iams Senior

We recently switched our 11 year-old large breed dog to this food after talking to our vet about stiffness in his legs/hips. He was having trouble getting up and down stairs and seemed to have genera…More

Wellness Simple Solutions

Our dog, Buddy, has a very sensitive stomach, so we were recommended Wellness Simple Solutions and it's been great. Buddy was on Innova for a while, but all of a sudden started having a bad reaction …More

Canidae Reduced Calorie

I got my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel out of rescue when she was about 2 years old. She ALWAYS had problems with her stomach (grumbling noises) and loose stools. I tried different brands of kibble a…More

Canidae Platinum

Vet said I needed to cut the fat in my dog's diet. Changed over to Canidae Platinum. Was worried there wouldn't be enough fat in the diet for their coats - I was wrong. This food has cut the fat - bu…More

Nature's Variety

This is awesome food. You can change protein - beef, chicken or the salmon without having to go through the food change process. My labs coats glisten on this food. No corn, soy or meat by-products. …More

Purina Puppy Chow

Has lots of corn as a "filler" so you have to feed them more because there is so much "junk" in it. My puppy thought it was ok but when we started switching him over to a new food he ate the new food…More

Blue Buffalo

I have found the activity and general health of my dogs has gone up greatly and that I would recommend it to all pet owners (cats and dogs). This holistic brand is composed of meat or fish combined w…More


I feed my dogs a combination of homecooking & Orijen. Since I began this regimen, my dogs no longer suffer with diarrhea as they did with other popular brands. Orijen is high in protein with added fr…More

Wellness Senior Dry

I have fed my senior dog the wellness senior for several years and he has done very well on it. I've tried other premium diets, but none made his coat so shiny and his overall health so great. He lov…More

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