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Training and Behavior

Basic training for everything the new owner needs to get started with common commands and training exersizes and moving on to deal with frustrating behaviour issues.
Dogs and Kids
Because every interaction between a child and a dog can be improved by a knowledgeable adult, Colleen is committed to educating parents, children, and dog owners on kid-and-dog relationships.
Begging is a behavior that is essentially harmless, but distracting and annoying all the same. While dogs do deserve to eat in peace, so do we, and for people, eating becomes uncomfortable when we are being examined by a drooling dog. How to stop your dog from begging.
Common Dog Training Mistakes
These are the most common mistakes people make during dog training. You'll be surprised at the impact these litttle, and seemingly insignificant actions can have on your dog's behavior.
How To Manage Your Multi-Dog Home
Having one dog is great, but having more than one is fantastic! Full of doubled rewards and triple the challenges, a multi-dog home can have you pulling your hair out over the simplest of things. Many dog owners find that having more than one dog in the home makes their life complete, and certainly interesting.
Sit is the cornerstone of fundamental dog training. It's the first thing a puppy usually learns, and is at the bottom of most other commands.
The Dog Training Library
The library of dog training tips and how-tos for dogs of all ages and sizes. From sit to pretty tricks to conquering problem behaviors, you'll find it here.
Meeting the Shy and Fearful Dog
Introducing the fearful dog. Overcoming that first awful meeting to be able to move on and introduce your shy dog to others.
Training Your Dog to Greet Visitors Calmly
Are people reluctant to come inside your home because it looks like they'll get slobbered, pounced, or sat on by your dog? Do your dogs love to greet a visitor with all the joy of meeting a new playmate?
Training Collars
Training collars offering comfort and easy control.
Separation Anxiety
My dog destroys the house when I leave him alone!
Crate and Den Training
Is it a cruel and unusual punishment, or is highly beneficial to the dog (and your sanity)?
What Motivates Your Dog?
What motivates your dog to do the things that you want him to do? How to find your dog's reward.
A very large part of dog ownership, and one it's most important aspects.
Rolling in Smelly Dead Things
Rolling in smelly things is a favourite pastime. Not a dangerous behavioural habit, just an irritating (and sometimes nauseating) one.
Submissive Urination
Why it happens, and how to control it.
Training a Dog to Come on Command
The Reliable Recall is sometimes the hardest part to get right in dog training.
Surviving the Teething Months
The most common, least-loved stage of puppyhood, the teething stage, when everything is a chew toy to your puppy.
Stop Leash Pulling
Stop your dog from pulling on the leash during walks, and coversation breaks, with this time proven "be a tree" method.
Help my dog is afraid of car rides!
The shaking, the drooling, the whining, all when you hop in the car to go somewhere. It might not be excitement, it might be fear.
Chaining a Dog
Why dogs should never be forced to live their lives at the end of a rope or a chain and how it affects them.
He Just Wants to Say Hi
A very unique and effective perspective of canine behavior, thanks to Suzanne Clothier. A must read.
Frequently Asked Questions
An ever-expanding FAQ index for those baffling questions.
How do I keep my dog out of the cat's litterbox?
Is your dog fond of "kitty-crunchies"?
How do I stop my dog from play-biting or nipping?
Those puppy teeth hurt! How do I make him stop?

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