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Review of Peticure Elite Grooming Tool

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Photo Demonstration of the Peticure Elite Grooming Tool

Using the Peticure Elite Grooming Tool

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The Bottom Line

The Peticure Elite grooming tool is an excellent alternative to traditional nail trimming.


  • Conveninent and easy to use
  • Trims your dog's nails without causing pain
  • Results in shorter, smoother nails than with nail trimming
  • Dogs acclimate well when product is properly introduced
  • Cordless design is easy to handle and battery charges quickly


  • Filing band may break, causing plastic to heat up or even melt


  • Rotary tool files dog nails gradually
  • Protective plastic guard helps to keep nail in place
  • Adjustable to ten different speeds
  • Cordless design comes with compact charger
  • Two extra filing bands are included
  • Website provides detailed instructions on use, including video tutorials
  • Cost: $39.99
  • Also available:
    • Peticure Petite for small dogs and cats
    • Peticure Power with electrical cord, a professional grade tool

Guide Review - Review of Peticure Elite Grooming Tool

Most dog owners know how stressful nail trims can be. Many dogs fear traditional nail trimmers because of potential "quicking" that results in bleeding and soreness. Inventor and pet lover Jayden Drelinger preferred a rotary tool (Dremel) over nail trimmers, but wanted something even better. He invented the Peticure grooming tool to provide better control and decrease debris.

I tested the Peticure Elite model on my Lab mix for several weeks. The product came with easy instructions for assembly and use. Peticure recommends visiting their website to view video demos. It is very important to learn the correct technique for use and to get your pet properly acclimated to this product.

My dog has thick nails, so I was happy to see how well the Peticure filed them. I gradually introduced the product over several days. According to the instructions, I filed each nail for 3-5 seconds, alternating nails and repeating the process several times. I filed my dog's nails a little bit each week, and I was pleased to see how her nails stayed smooth and short. My dog was calm and compliant each time.

On my third use of the Peticure Elite, the filing band broke. The product details did explain that a band will typically last a few sessions. I did not realize that the band had broken until the plastic guard became hot. When I turned the Peticure off, I saw that part of the band had slightly melted the top of the plastic guard. I advise that users of the Peticure to keep a close eye on the plastic guard when using this product. Because the chamber fills with debris, it can be difficult to see if the band has broken. I easily replaced the filing band and have not had another problem since then.

Overall, I found the Peticure Elite very effective and convenient. I like this grooming product and plan to continue using it to file my dog's nails on a regular basis.

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Pedicure nail trimmer, Member tigerlily46514

This does work to smooth nail edges. I followed the enclosed instructions on properly introducing the tool to my dog, and my dog does tolerate it, just like in the tv ads. BUT--IT WAS MADE FOR A RIGHT HANDED person, i'm a lefty. Still can be used, but it is hard for me. Second-you can only file each nail tip for 3 seconds each. Takes an entire evening to do one paw. YOu can go back to the nail, over and over, with small wait in between each filing, but can't just go on and on at the same nail til it is shortened. I use it more to smooth the nail AFTER i've clipped them, one cannot remove much nail at the 3 seconds per nail tip rule. (the nail heats up, so you can only file for 3 seconds each.)

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