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Puppy Care

Bringing a new puppy into your home will change your life forever. Puppies are definitely a lot of work, but the also bring plenty of joy to your world. Whether you are getting your first puppy or just need a refresher course, this is what you'll need to know.

Puppies 101 - All About Puppies
Whether you are getting your first puppy or just need a refresher course, this is what you'll need to know. From welcoming your new puppy to training and health information, these tips will help you get your puppy on the right track to adulthood.

Puppy-Proofing Your Home
Getting a new puppy is sort of like giving birth, but without all the pain, effort and astronomical hospital bills. Although, much like a new baby, there are some things you need to do before you bring your bundle of joy home.

Puppy Socialization
Socialization means training your puppy to accept new people, animals, and places. Socializing your puppy will make him a happier, more well-behaved dog. It prevents behavior problems from developing.

Housebreaking Your Puppy
Housebreaking is one of the first things you need to teach your puppy. These tips can help get you started.

Puppy Vaccinations
Puppy vaccinations are an essential part of your puppy's first several months. Your new puppy will need to be given a series of vaccines, or immunizations to prevent disease. Learn more about why you need to have your puppy vaccinated and what to expect throughout the process.

Should I Spay or Neuter my Dog?
Should you spay or neuter your dog? Find out why it is important to consider pet sterilization.

Puppy Socialization: Handling Exercises
Think of all the ways a puppy may be handled in a lifetime - petting, grooming, veterinary exams. Learn how to train a puppy to accept all types of handling without fear or aggression.

Puppy Kindergarten
Many new puppy owners want to enroll in puppy kindergarten. But how do you know if you've found a good one? Find out what to expect from a puppy training class.

How to Get a Puppy Used to a Crate
Dog crates are great tools for housebreaking a puppy. Find out how to get a puppy used to the dog crate.

Top Ten Puppy Training Tips

Puppy training can seem overwhelming. There's so much for a new puppy to learn. Not to worry! The following tips can help you navigate puppy training, so your new pet will become a happy and healthy member of your family.

How to Train a Dog to Accept Handling
Learn how to train a dog to be comfortable during visits to the groomer or veterinarian.All dogs need regular grooming and vet exams. It's important to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible during these times.

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