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Pet Loss

The death of a pet is incredibly devastating. This information can provide compassionate support and resources for dog lovers who have lost a beloved companion.
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Pet Aftercare Options
After the tragic loss of your dog, it can be difficult to decide what to do with the body. Find out about the available options for pet aftercare, including pet cremation, pet burial and various memorial options.

Grief After the Death of a Beloved Pet
Handling the death of a beloved pet is never easy, but grieving for that pet is an important part of your recovery. Learn more about grief in pet owners and how to cope with the loss of your dog.

Dogs and Grief
When one dog passes away, your other dogs are bound to be react to the loss. Find out how to help your dog cope with the loss of a longtime dog companion.

Art From Ashes
Art from Ashes creates beautiful handcrafted remembrances, a lovely and unique way to memorialize your loved ones.

Everlife Memorials Pet Loss Resources
This informative site offers numerous pet loss resources for grieving pet owners.

Artist Pamela Vale captures fur from your favorite companion in lovely jewelry. These unique remembrances are a lovely way to memorialize your beloved pet.

Hospice Care for Pets
Information about hospice care for pets from the American Animal Hospital Association.

What Should I Do If My Dog Dies at Home?
What should I do if my dog dies at home? Find out how to proceed after the death of your dog at home, including who to call and how to handle your dog's body.

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