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New Dog or Puppy?

Do you have a new dog or puppy and need help? Check these pages for help getting started and make sure you are doing the right thing. Frequently Asked Questions, quick, puppy training tips, and more.
Puppies 101 : 8 Weeks to 18 Months of Behavior, Nutrition, Health and
Your puppy's first year and a half in your home will shape the dog he will be as an adult, both in temperament and physical health. Use the information on this page to help give your new pup the best start to his new life.
Simple Puppy Naming Tips
Did you know that over the course of its life, you will use your dog’s name over 35,000 times? Be sure you’re choosing not only a name you can live with, but one you’ll love. From the author of Favorite-Puppy-Names.com, Jennifer McVey.
Choosing Your Veterinarian
Almost as important as choosing your dog, choosing her doctor is another kind of commitment. Make sure you find the vet that makes you feel comfortable.
Best Age For a Puppy to Leave the Litter
At what age should puppies be separated from the litter and his littermates?
Puppy Proofing
A new environment can be a dangerous place for a curious little critter. Make sure that home is a safe one! Here's to look for when removing hazards and valuables.
Frequently Asked Questions
The questions people ask about their dog's sometimes mystifying behaviour, and other answers you just want to know.
Why do they DO That??
A page of answers to the frequently asked and baffling questions most pet owners seem to have.
Microchipping - Identification
Collar tags and even tattoos are becoming obsolete with microchipping on the rise. As more pets are implanted the number of permanently lost dogs is decreasing.
What are breed clubs and what are they for?
Just what are breed clubs, and what's the big deal with finding or joining one?
The Importance of Annual Vet Exams
Did you know that an annual veterinary exam is the key to a long-lived, healthy pet?
Contents Index - A to Z Dog Information
Updated Weekly, this sitemap makes things easier to locate.
Basic Grooming to Keep Him Looking Great
Pedicure and facials, massages and fur-styles, dogs and puppies all need grooming of some kind or another. It is important for the health as well as for their happiness.
Pet Insurance
Is this right for you? Pet insurance seems to be the way to go if you want to head off those expensive accident bills, and sometimes insurance will even cover routine care and sterilization, and with some companies offering multi-pet discounts, more and pet owners are able to afford this "just in case" insurance.

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