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Building a File of Information for Your Dog


It's a good idea to keep a binder or folder up to date with all of your dog's information. Store it in an easy to grab location so it's handiy for emergencies, you can take it on vacation or leave it with your petsitter, and bring with you if you decide to switch veterinarians for whatever reason.

Things to include:
  • Recent photographs of your dog - keep a couple of them, and not the same picture. Be sure and get a side view, and a close-up, as well as a picture of him from the front.
  • A detailed physical description, including any odd or unusual features, such as double dewclaws, tattoos, missing teeth, or toes - these two things will come in handy if your dog is ever lost.
  • Vaccination records - You will need these every time your dog visits a boarding kennel, daycare facility, and even if you have an in-home petsitter. You'll also need these if you ever take your dog across the border
  • A list of any medication your dog is on and the dosage information, including heartworm prevention
  • A list of any surgical or non-surgical medical procedures your dog has had
  • A note of any unusual commands your dog obeys - like Kari's "hit the deck" where he goes directly to his "safe" spot.
  • Phone numbers and addresses for your regular veterinarian, the emergency clinic, and the Animal Poison Control Center
  • The phone number of your emergency contact person, and somebody who would take your dog if their is an emergency

  • Include any other information that you think is important, and that any caretaker would need or want to know about your dog (like if he only responds to German commands).

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