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Collecting a Urine Sample


Urine samples are often a necessary item for certain health tests at veterinary check-ups. However, since most dogs are not trained to the thoroughness required for peeing in a container or even on command, collecting a sample can be quite the daunting task.

In the course of my dog-loving years, I've stumbled on to a marvelous trick to collecting canine urine.

Take a yard stick (or meter stick, or any long, thin, piece of sturdy material) and tape a plastic cup to the end. When your dog heads out to void his bladder, follow him (or her) with your new tool, and when he starts to urinate, slide the cup into position and collect as much as needed. Usually the vet doesn't need very much.

With the contents still attached to the stick, pour the cup contents into a sealable container for delivery. Dispose of your extendable collection tool as you see fit.

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