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How Do I Get My Dog to Take His Medication?


Question: How Do I Get My Dog to Take His Medication?

Answer: Not every dog owner is blessed (or cursed) with a dog who looks at everything as a tasty treat.


    The easiest method, by far, to get a dog to eat pills, is to wrap them up in cheese slices, or push them into the end of wieners, but sometimes even that won't work. A very picky dog can eat all the good stuff around a pill, and spit a whole pill out of his mouth afterwards.

    Use of a pill popper is an easy method of medicating dogs. Insert it behind the dog's teeth at the back of his mouth, discharge the pill, and massage his throat to force him to swallow. If you can't find a pill popper, you should be able to do this with your fingers as well. Just keep your fingers well behind his last molars, and push the pill as far down his throat as you can, all while massaging his throat to trigger a swallowing reflex. As this is an easier process when you have three hands, you may wish to ask a friend for a help.

Capsules and Powders
    Capsules can be broken open (or pills crushed) and poured on whatever your dog desires, generally wet food or moist treats, to better hide the taste.
Oral Liquids
    The easiest medicine to give, oral liquids can be dripped into gravy, drizzled over sausages, or even mixed in the water bowl if they are the tasteless type. For an overly stubborn dog though, you can use an eye dropper inserted behind the last tooth in your dog's closed mouth, and squirt it down his throat, forcing him to swallow.

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