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Bathing Your Dog


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Bathing Step 6: Drying Your Dog
Dog all done with bath

A happy, clean dog!

Photo © Jenna Stregowski
First, stand back and let your dog have a few good shakes. Then, towel-dry any excess water from your dog's coat. Lay a towel on the ground and let your dog go for it. Many dogs will instinctively rub on the towel and continue to shake off the water.

If your dog tolerates it, your may want to try blow-drying. Be sure to use a dryer with very low or no heat. If you bathe your dog at a self-service tub, a forced-air dryer might be available. Careful -- these dryers are powerful. Only turn it up as high as your dog tolerates, and stay away from the face, eyes and ears. Once completely dry, thoroughly brush your dog out.

Tip: Try to keep your dog from going outside until dry, otherwise you'll have a dirty dog again in no time.

Congratulations -- you're done! Give your dog a treat, and you'll probably get a nice wet kiss in return. Your dog might be a bit tuckered out, so a nap may be warranted. Put your feet up and relax, too.

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