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10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats


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Dogs Are Better Than Cats
Cats Versus Dogs - Are Dogs Better Than Cats

Dogs Versus Cats: Which Side Will You Take?

Photo © Janie Airey/Getty Images

Are dogs really better than cats? If pressed to choose, I will say that I am a "dog person." I have always loved dogs and cannot imagine life without at least one dog to follow me around, hog the bed and smother me with wet kisses. This being said, I am a lover of all animals and a definite cat fancier. I am also a cat owner who adores her sweet kitties. It is certainly hard for me to imagine life without the soft purrs, biscuit-making and gentle head butting. However, if I had to make a choice to live with only one species, the dog would be the winner (just don't tell this to my cats).

I am not one of those dog lovers who thinks cats are aloof, selfish and overly independent. Cat personalities are as versatile as human personalities. Some are social and attention-seeking; others are quiet and timid. Some cats are pretentious divas; others are goofy playmates. But there are some undeniable truths about the differences between dogs and cats. Just for fun, let's explore some reasons why dogs may be better than cats.

Kitties, if you are reading this, let's just say that the dog made me do it!

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