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Holiday Dog Photos

Dogs in their Holiday Best


What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to do so with your dog? Check out some adorable photos of holiday dogs. These dogs are ready for the holidays!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Do you have a great photo that you would like to see in this gallery? Please submit your photos from the holidays to the Dogs site!

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Holiday Dog Photos - Cocker Spaniel and Beagle mix in Holiday BandannasSasha and SandyHoliday Dog Photos - Yorkshire Terrier Dressed for Christmas Jack Jack the YorkieHoliday Dog Photos - Dogs with SantaJack and Pete with SantaCash, a four year old Husky-Lab mix in front of the Christmas treeCash and the Christmas Tree
Bella, Bridgette and BayleeRuby's Candy CaneChico the ChihuahuaHoliday Dog Photos - Chico the ChihuahuaChico the Chihuahua
Tank the PomeranianBailey the PugHoliday Dog Photos - Dachshund with SantaClairie with SantaLacie the Yorkie
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