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Dog Halloween Costume Gallery

Trick-or-Treat Dogs


Dogs in Halloween costumes? That's right, Halloween is not just for humans! Check out these fun photos of dog Halloween costumes. You might even come up with a great idea for your own dog's Halloween costume. Just keep in mind that not all dogs like wearing clothing. Be sure not to cause unnecessary stress or agitation to your dog by trying to dress her up if she hates it. Instead, see if a Halloween-themed bandanna will do the trick. If your dog does like getting all decked out, then have fun with it. Some dogs really adore the attention they get while in costume!

Remember Halloween safety - keep your dog indoors and be sure that candy and decorations are out of reach. Happy Halloween!

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Dog Halloween Costume - SherrifWinston the SheriffOld English Sheepdog Dog Breed Halloween Costume PhotoHarry the BumblebeeChico, a 7 year old long haired Chihuhaua, as Moondoggie Surfer Dude - BOW -A -BUNGA ! ChicoDog Halloween Costumes - Dachshund Dressed as a Snap DragonHunter, a Snap Dragon
Dog Halloween Costumes - Mix Dressed as a PumpkinRiley as a PumpkinDogs Halloween Costumes - Riley, a Border Collie/Heeler mix, dressed up for Halloween.Riley's Halloween OutfitDog Halloween Costumes - Pekingese Dressed as a Fire DogZac as a Fire DogDog Halloween Costumes - Pekingese Dressed as a CowBonnie, a Cow
Dog Halloween Costumes - 3 dogs in Halloween T-shirtsDogs in Halloween T-shirtsDogs Halloween Costumes - Dobermans in Halloween CostumesTwo Lady Bugs and a MonkeyDog Halloween Costumes - Poodle Dressed as ZebraZebraDog Halloween Costumes - Poodle Dressed as PiratePirate
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