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Test your canine knowledge with quizzes and trivia. Browse pictures of dogs from naughty to nice. Read funny stories and dog jokes and have a few laughs.
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Top Careers For Dog Lovers
Have you ever wanted to work with dogs for a living? Every job has its pros and cons, and dog-related jobs are no exception. However, a dog-related job can be rewarding and fun if you choose the one that's right for you. Check out these top careers for dog lovers to see if one of these careers is for you and find out what you need to do to get...

Reader Stories: My Job Working With Dogs
Read about some great jobs for dogs lovers, and send in your own story.

Indoor Activities for You and Your Dog
Don't let bad weather spoil your day. There are indoor activities for you and your dog to enjoy, too. Rainy days, snowstorms or extremes in temperature don't have to ruin your plans to spend time with your dog. These indoor activities can strengthen the bond between you and your dog, stimulate your dog's mind and sometimes even provide some...

Playing Tug of War With Your Dog
Dogs love to play tug of war, and it's good for them. Though there has been some debate over tug of war and dogs, the game is actually a healthy display of their predatory nature. Tug of war is mental and physical exercise for your dog.

Dog Movies
Some of the most popular films ever made have starred dogs, so here are some shining examples of movies featuring dogs, including Old Yeller, Lassie, Benji and more.

Book Review: What Dog Are You?
Read a review of What Dog are You? Discovering Your Inner Pooch, a dog-related quiz book. Answer questions about yourself from a dog's perspective, then learn which dog breeds are most like you.

How do I submit a photo to the Dogs site?
Learn how to submit your photos the the About.com Dogs site.

Upside Down Dogs
View, rate and post pictures of dogs. . . upside down. Check out these hilariously cute pictures of all kinds of dogs. The one thing they all have in common is that they are upside down!

Jake and Tycho - Video Comic Strips
Check out the hilarious capers of wonder mutts Jake and Tycho with this "video comic strip." Complete with voices, music and - of course - canine antics, Jake and Tycho are one entertaining canine comedy duo!

Free Realms Pets - Online Virtual World
Free Realms is a free 3D virtual world where you can participate in a variety of activities. In their Pets section, you can choose your own virtual pet, create a name and explore the game together. It is free to register, but some pet items do require a purchase.

Dogs in Pools
You got it - just dogs in pools (and cute ones at that). It kind of reminds me of Cats in Sinks, but for dog people. Check it out and submit your pictures!

Funny Dog Pictures from I Can Has Hot Dog
Take a break and enjoy the offbeat humor and cuteness of these dog photos.

Things My Dog Ate
Matt Goodman got tired of his dog destroying his belongings, so he started a website to air his frustrations. Read about the destruction and submit your own horror story!

Traveling Dogs
Have a good laugh with some dog jokes, stories and fun facts.

Games on Barking Buddies
Play a few dog-themed online games on Barking Buddies.

Celebrity Pets
If you're an animal lover and a celebrity gossip lover... here's the best of both worlds. These are some cute dogs owned by the hottest celebs in the world.

Famous Dogs
Some of the most famous dogs from film and television are pictured here.

Top Animated Dog Movies
Some of the most popular films ever made have starred dogs, so here are some shining examples of movies featuring dogs, including Old Yeller, Lassie, Benji and more.

Top Dog Movies for Grown-Ups
In addition to animated dog films and live-action dog movies , there are flicks made for grown-up dog lovers too. Some dog-themed movies are not necessarily geared towards young viewers. Some of these movies contain strong images and cover sensitive subjects, but they also tend to provide important messages. Others are simply of little interest to younger children. While some of these films may b…

Best and Worst Dog Names - Readers Share Best and Worst Names for Dogs
Thousands of dogs names exist, some better than others. Readers share the best and worst dog names they have ever heard. What dog names do you think are the best and worst to name a dog?

10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats
It's the ultimate battle: dogs versus cats! Read on to discover ten reasons why dogs are better than cats. Then, vote in the poll to make your choice.

How to Become a Dog Trainer
Dog training can be a fun hobby you do in your spare time or a professional full-time career. Find out how you can learn to be a dog trainer.

Xena The Warrior Puppy: One Dog's Journey
Xena the Warrior Puppy: A beautiful story of rescue in words and pictures.

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