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Dog Body Language: Whale Eye


Dog body language
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Whale eye is an example of dog communication. It is dog body language that provides a cue to you and other animals about what a dog is feeling and thinking.

What It Is

Whale eye is the term dog trainers use to describe a dog's body language when you can see the whites of the dog's eyes. It occurs when a dog averts his head slightly, but keeps his eyes fixed on something or someone. You will see the whites in a half moon shape.

What It Means

If you notice a dog is exhibiting whale eye, he is telling you he is feeling anxious and uncomfortable. The dog is feeling some kind of stress. It can be a sign that dog will become aggressive because a dog who is anxious is more likely to bite. If you notice this type of dog body language as you approach a dog, you should back off until he relaxes and becomes more comfortable.

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