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Dog Training & Socialization

No one enjoys being around an unruly, disobedient dog. Obedience training and proper socialization will help your dog become a welcome guest in most environments. From housebreaking to basic commands, training will actually strengthen the bond between you and your dog, leading to a happier and less stressful life together.
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Dog Training 101 - Essential Steps to Train your Dog
Learn how to train your dog the right way with these step by step instructions. Find out how to housebreak your dog or puppy, teach basic dog commands and fun dog tricks, socialize your dog or puppy, conquer behavior problems and much more.

Six Weeks to a Well-Trained Dog
Well-behaved dogs are a joy to share your life with. But it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to train a dog. Follow this dog training program for six weeks, and you're sure to see improvements in the dog's behavior.

Start a Dog Obedience and Training Program
Find out what you need to begin a dog obedience and training program, from supplies to techniques.

Benefits of Using Positive Reinforcement to Train Your Dog
Positive reinforcement dog training means rewarding your dog for good behavior. There are a number of benefits to using positive reinforcement methods to train your dog.

Using Positive Reinforcement to Reward a Dog - Types of Rewards Used for...
What are the best ways to reward a dog? Positive reinforcement dog training involves rewarding a dog for good behavior. Most of us think of treats when it comes to rewarding our dogs. Learn about all the things your dog finds rewarding.

Using Treats for Dog Training
Many trainers recommend using dog treats to train a dog. Treats can be used to lure dogs or to reward dogs. Find out more about using treats for dog training.

Tips for Dog Training Sessions
Dog training sessions are short periods each day that you devote to training a dog. Learn how to use dog training sessions to start working on basic dog obedience commands.

How to Train a Dog to Accept Handling
Learn how to train a dog to be comfortable during visits to the groomer or veterinarian. All dogs need regular grooming and vet exams. It's important to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible during these times.

Dog Training and Routines
Dogs thrive when they have a predictable routine. Having a schedule can also improve your dog's behavior. Lesarn tips for creating a routine that can help improve a dog's behavior.

Proofing Behaviors
Proofing is the last step in training your dog to do any new behavior. Learn how to proof behaviors so your dog will be as obedient at the park or a friend's house is he is in your own living room.

Six Ways to Bust Your Dog's Boredom
Boredom can lead your dog to engage in a number of destructive behaviors. Find tips on preventing your dog's boredom, and curbing destructive behavior.

Teach Your Dog Self-Control
Nothing in Life is Free. Teaching your dog self-control can curb a number of problem behaviors. It can also help you to establish your leadership, and teach your dog to be more confident.

How to Choose a Dog Trainer
It can be confusing to try to find a good dog trainer. Learn some tips for making your search for a dog trainer much easier.

Clicker Training
Easily learn how to clicker train your dog. With clicker training, you can effectively teach your dog basic and advanced commands.

How to Crate Train Your Dog or Puppy
Crate training is an important part of training your puppy. Learn how to crate train your dog or puppy. Crate training makes house training your dog or puppy easy.

How to Introduce a Dog to the Leash
Puppies and sometimes even adult dogs may need to get used to a leash before heading out for a walk. Learn how to introduce a dog or puppy to the leash.

Leash Training for Dogs
Learn to train your dog or puppy to walk on leash. A loose leash walk teaches your dog not to pull or lunge when on leash.

How to Teach Your Dog an Emergency Recall
An emergency recall could save your dog's life. Train your dog to come when called in emergency situations.

Dog Training on a Budget
Dog training doesn't have to cost a ton of money. Find out the best tips for training a dog on a budget.

How to Train a Dog Using Games
Dogs work harder if you offer them a reward. But rewards don't always have to mean dog treats. Find out how you can use dog games to reinforce a dog's good behavior.

Dog Training Using Aversives
An aversive is anything a dog finds distateful or uncomfortable, from leash corrections to loud noises. Aversives are used to stop a dog from performing unwanted behaviors. Learn about the use of aversives and the problems with using them in dog training.

Puppy Socialization
Socialization means training your puppy to accept new people, animals, and places. Socializing your puppy will make him a happier, more well-behaved dog. It prevents behavior problems from developing.

Dogs on the Furniture - Do You Let Your Dog on the Bed or Couch?
Should you let your dog sleep in the bed with you? What about snuggle-time on the couch? The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Some believe that allowing dogs on the furniture can make them think they are in charge of the whole family. Others see no problem with sharing furniture with the family dog and consider it bonding.

How to Become a Dog Trainer
Dog training can be a hobby you do in your spare time or a full-time career. Find out how you can learn to be a dog trainer.

Housebreaking Your Puppy
Housebreaking is one of the first things you need to teach your puppy. These tips can help get you started.

Top Ten Must Have Dog Training Supplies

You don't need too many supplies to start training a dog, but there are some tools that can make your job much easier. The following are items that are sure to enhance any dog training program:

Dog Behavior Management Versus Dog Training
There is a difference between dog training and managing a dog's behavior. Find out the difference, and how both tools can ensure you have a well-behaved dog.

Top Dog Toys - Dog Toys and Dog Treats
Dog toys that dispense food and treats are a great way to offer your dog mental stimulation and avoid common dog behavior problems. Before you start shopping, find out which are the best food dispensing dog toys out there.

How to Train a Labrador Retriever
With their eagerness to please and their affection natures, it's no wonder Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds. Learn some tips on how to train a Labrador Retriever.

How to Potty Train a Dog to Go in One Spot
Dogs can make a real mess of your yard. Find out how to potty train a puppy or dog so they only use one spot in the yard.

Clicker Training: Shaping Behaviors
Shaping is a dog training technique that allows you to break complicated behaviors into smaller parts. Learn how to train a dog to do virtually anything using this dog training technique.

Training Tips for Deaf Dogs
Many people are surprised to learn that deaf dogs are just as capable of being trained as other dogs. Learn some tips to train a deaf dog.

How to Train a Dog to Go Potty on Command
There are times when it's not convenient to stand outside while waiting for your dog to relieve himself. There is a way to put an end to this problem. Find out how to train a dog to go potty on command.

Training Dogs Using Hand Signals
Dog hand signals are used the same way people use sign language. It's a non-verbal way of communicating with your dog. Find out why hand signals are used, and how to train a dog using hand signals.

Boarding and Training: An Overview
Boarding and training is an option for training a dog. Find out the pros and cons to board and train dog training to see if this is right for you and your dog.

Dog Training and Alpha Rolls
The alpha roll was once a popular training technique. It is used to establish dominance and involves rolling a dog onto his back. Learn why the alpha roll no longer considered a good training technique and discover alternatives to the alpha roll.

Dog Training Tips for Sporting Dogs
Sporting dogs are energetic and fun-loving companions. Though sporting dog breeds can make ideal pets, they still require training. Here are some dog training tips for use with your sporting dog.

Five Dog Training Options
There's more than one way to train a dog. Depending on the dog, some methods may work better than others. Here are the top five ways to drain a dog as recommended by dog trainers.

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