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My dog is acting really weird and clingy. Is it because I'm pregnant?


Question: My dog is acting really weird and clingy. Is it because I'm pregnant?

Answer: Nobody can really know what goes on in the minds of dogs, but I think it's safe to say that yes, your dog does know there's something different about you. He may not comprehend the nature of the change (or maybe he can), but because your body chemistry changes when you're pregnant, it's guarranteed he can smell the changes.

Behavioural Changes (in your dog, not you):
Your dog might go through some personality shifts when you are expecting. It shouldn't be alarming, but it could be noticeable. A normally aloof dog might suddenly become clingy and cuddly. Your usually cuddly dog might become more so, and fixated on your belly, nosing it, smelling it, and wanting to be on it. Which is fine if you have a small lap dog, another story altogether if your "lap" dog weighs almost as much as you do. A dog who is typically content to lie at your feet and watch as you wander around your home may suddenly decide you need to be escorted everywhere, even to the bathroom.

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